Affiliate Program

Earn money and bring people to the Torah

A MLM affiliate network in which you earn in any way, you earn by studying all our ebooks, you earn by bringing people closer to the Torah and you also earn money with all your referrals up to 4 levels.

More than an MLM we are a community

Sign up for conferences, or come to Yerushalaim … at King David Kabbalah our main goal is to draw closer to Hashem.

No registration cost or monthly fees

You do not have to pay anything to become an affiliate, this is an MLM Kasher where there are no falls, only spiritual elevation, The people you refer will belong to your network forever and you will earn commission every time they make a purchase, supporting our community to keep it growing.

Your earnings can grow impressively!

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Download Free Books

You can invite your friends to download our free ebooks, they will automatically become affiliates that are part of your network.

Frequent questions

Fully legal, there are no scammed only winners. We do not require any type of investment from our users to call ourselves a pyramid or illicit money collector.

You will receive your earnings in your Paypal account, if you don’t have an account you can open it for free in a couple of minutes, once you have the money in Paypal you can withdraw it to your bank account or spend it in thousands of online stores.

Once you accumulate a minimum of $ 20, we will make the transfer to your Paypal account.

Anyone from any country can participate, however all the content we provide is in English and Spanish.

We pay on the 20th or 21st of each month, the earnings you have reached the previous month, for example: you accumulated $ 650 in earnings during the month of June, you will receive the money in your Paypal account on July 20 or 21.

Unlimited, you can invite all the friends you want, however in levels 2,3,4  it only depends on the people that your friends invite, that is, the friends of your friends.

They will be your referrals for life.

Each user can register only once with a single email, users detected with more than one account will be canceled.

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