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So many people are asking what to do about this plague of Corona, that is spreading in the world and how exactly do we stop it from spreading.
The whole world is in a panic and there are many institutes researching for vaccines finding many different possibilities.
There is an answer brought down in the Zohar by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
In Zohar Vayakhel Rebbi Shimon Says that Pitum Haketoret is a spiritual medicine for plagues. Specifically, why is that? So to understand better the reason for that we have to go back to before the time of Rabbi Shimon and further.

Pitum HaKetoret is a prayer that we say in the morning and in the afternoon.
There is an ancient Midrash that explains that when Moshe went up to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah, all the angels gave him presents including the angel of death, What was the present that the Angel of Death gave Moshe it was the secret of the ketoret he told him that the act of ketoret that in the time of Moshe was not only a prayer, but also a whole ceremony of burning incense has the possibility to remove death.
After Moshe came down from Mt. Sinai unfortunately, there was the sin of the Golden Calf and there was a plague and Moshe told Aaron to take the incense and run into the camp of Am Israel and stand between the people that are dying from the plague and the people that are still alive. Aaron, ran into the camp and was standing between those two camps of people that were infected and the people there were healthy and the plague stopped. Ketoret has this power and we might think that this only applies to the act of the Ketoret that was done by Aaron in the Beit Hamikdash.
The burning of that insence, all was what was removing death. Rabbi Shimon in the Zohar tells us that also the prayer of the Ketoret and has this quality.
When we’re making the prayers, they’re made instead of the offerings and one corresponds to the other.
So when we are saying the prayer of the Tamid offering, which is a daily sacrifice in Beit Hamikdash it’s like we are sacrificing the Tamid offering in the Beit Hamikdash.
So the same thing when we are saying over the words of the prayer of the ketoret, it gives us the same quality as if we were burning of the insence in the halachic manner.
So this is the first simple understanding of it. Now the Zohar goes deeper and explains that it’s not only death that is prevented by the Pitum Ketoret It’s basically anything that is negative. All of the negative things in the world, they’re getting their sustenance from a certain source, which is the part within the spiritual system that God created.
That is the negative part of that system. So from that negative spiritual source, derive all the different applications of things such as plagues and people.
All those different negative things come from that one source.
Now, what is the source of the power of that negative side of the creation, So it ties into Kabbalah and the writings of Ari who explains that all of that is coming from sparks of holiness that are captured within that negative side of creation. From those sparks of holiness, the negative side gets its nourishment and then it’s able to manifest within the physical world in all those different ways.
Now we can understand why when we saying ketoret it helps to prevent All of those different negative things, because through Ketoret we are pulling out those sparks from the negative side.
So when the negative side doesn’t have those sparks, the power of the negative side goes down and then all of the manifestations, plagues and whatever it is, removed because of that because the negative side doesn’t have so much power.
As much as we will have more people around the world saying the Pitum ketoret, we are pulling more sparks from the negative side, connecting them to the system of Kedushah and then the negative side loses its power and all of the different manifestations of it.
If it’s the current plague, if it is people that are poor, if it is people that are suffering emotionally, physically, spiritually, all different kinds of different things, people that have fears and whatever, all those different things, it’s all coming from that one source. As much as we will perform Ketoret there will be less suffering in the world, less death in the world, less evil, in the world.
Now, obviously, like everything, there are many levels that this principle can be applied to. So people that are not involved in Kabbalah can just say over the words and it can be very significant. That’s a basic level.
You can use the basic prayer found in every siddur You can find online, many places, many sources.
Some of the sources are just Hebrew, So you have to know how to read Hebrew. There are some places that have it in transliteration. So even someone that cannot read the Hebrew letters will be able to say over the words.
We also made a free version of the Pitum HaKetoret for people who need it in transliteration, As well as the simple prayer, The basic prayer.
Now, on top of that, there are higher levels. So there are all kinds of additional prayers before and after. Pitum Haketoret it that can be applied, to strengthen it and to boost it up.
So if someone is more capable and he wants to put more time and effort to be more effective in his prayer, so then the advice would be to take the full version as well as all of those additional prayers and that will make it much more effective, much more meaningful for the person himself and for the whole world.
On top of that, there is also another level, which is the Kabbalistic meditations that are combined within that prayer and that’s something that it is done by big righteous Mekubalim that are involved with those things.
Today, with the help of a few of my students, I was able to bring to the world a translation explaining those meditations, That will be clear for someone that knows the basics of Kabbalah.
It’s not for someone that doesn’t know anything about Kabbalah. It’s for someone that knows the concepts and would be able to apply them in that prayer of Pitum Haketoret and then it really makes it much more effective, really boosting it up and that is something that is very meaningful.
I will say one last story, There was someone that came to me that was a segulah master. His pockets were full of all kinds of remedies, spiritual remedies and all kinds of names of angels and he was constantly searching for new things and he went to the Rosh Yeshivah of Beit El In the old city Jerusalem And he asked there, What can I do in addition to all of the different remedies, and segulot, that I have now.
So he told him, go to Rav Shepherd and he will give you instructions on how to perform Pitum Haketoret and that should cover everything, You don’t need more than that. Just say every day. Pitum ketoret. But the long versions of the Pitum and Tikkun ketoret with the whole prayer and all of the meditations and that will cover you. That’s What the person did.
I think that it’s something that is very significant and very deep. The best sources tell that it’s a promise from Hashem. Who himself gave a promise that whoever says Pitum Haketoret will be saved from all different dangers as brought in the Zohar. Also in Arizal Shaar Hakavanot, speaks about in length. All of those different things, all of those prayers have the best sources that no one can argue with.
As much as we’ll have more people in the world that are applying it daily, I’m sure that it will have a magnificent effect and the whole world will be elevated. We’ll see fewer diseases, less negative things. And we will hear just good things, good news for the whole world.

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