Advanced Kabbalistic Jewish Meditations

for Chanukah Course

What you will learn:

1. What is going on during Chanukah in the Spiritual Worlds

2. How to meditate on the oil of the candle and the flame of the candle

3. What is real peace (Shalom) and how to draw down abundance

4. How to “sweeten judgments” and a lot more!

A ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting, initiative from King David Kabbalah is here !

Now, you may be asking: But how much is this course going to cost? And is this going to be an ongoing monthly paying course?

The answer is: NO! 🙂

For only US$ 180 you get instant and unlimited access to Exclusive videos from Rabbi Yaakov Shepherd!

Get your ticket below and access the shefa (abundance) you need in life!

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How about a little preview of the Lights to come?

Have a taste of the first few classes for FREE on Youtube:

But wait, is that all?!

Of course, that’s not all! To complement the course, all students who sign up will receive our Advanced Chanukah Meditations E-book!

Talk about a unique opportunity to add even more Kabbalah to your life. This Year we are also including the newly translated Sha-ar Hakavanot (Gates of Jewish Meditations) of the Ariza”l on Chanukah.

Start bringing the spiritual light to this realm for only 180 !

But don’t take our word for granted!

Check out what our students are saying:

Rav Yacov Shepherd helped me to reconnect with my Judaism. I found great solace in his meditations and I’m reminded of how much I long to return to Jerusalem. The Rav is a great man and I respect him so much. I consider him to be my Rav. I’m grateful that he is working to help the Jews in the diaspora and In Israel to reconnect with the spark within us. Thank you Rav from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan Eli

I discovered a spiritual universe hidden in plain sight with many shortcuts and secrets and kavanot that I never thought existed, following the daily Kabbalist classes of Rav Shepherd made me understand that he and his Yeshiva comply with the verse in Micha 4: 2 “Come, lets go to the house of the GD of Yaakov, and let Him teach us of His ways, so we will go in His paths, for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Yerushalayim “.

Moshe Dardon

It is such a privilege to be able to recommend your forthcoming and much anticipated new course in Kabbalistic Meditation. I ask that Hashem grant you and your students much success with this course and may it just be the beginning of all that you seek to do.

Avigayil Avraham

Rav Yakov Shepherd’s books are very valuable because it gives us the opportunity to drink from the original sources of the kabbalah, and doubly valuable because of the unveiling of secrets that we can apply in our daily lives.

Arturo Montiel

The time is now!The gates of prayer are soon opening wide!

Kabbalah explains that Chanukah is the time when the system of the Sefirah Hod is shining its brightest and a tremendous E’t Ratzon (time of favor)!

But our sages teach that preparation for a Mitzvah is a Mitzvah in itself! One doesn’t just parachutes himself in the Chag, rather it’s important to learn everything there’s about it!

What are you waiting for?

Make the most out of Chanukah with King David’s Kabbalah’s Advanced Kabbalistic Jewish Meditations of Chanukah E-Course!

Please, i would like to learn Kabbalistic Secrets of Chanukah

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