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Connecting to the Source

This coming shabbat is rare since not only is it Rosh Chodesh Nisan (which in some opinions is Rosh Hashanah and has a special quality all and of itself) also we will bezrat Hashem take out 3  sifrei Torah.  This does not happen every year.  Each Sefer Torah that is read from on Shabbat opens a different gate in heaven to enable our prayers to ascend and be heard!  The Tana (great sage from the time of the mishna) Rabbi Ishmael Cohen Gadol, revealed to us that this is a big eitz Ratzon (auspicious time) and ……
Also Rosh Chodesh Nissan is an auspicious time for prayers. We are given the opportunity for salvation, The Holy Zohar reminds us that this month will determine how our year plays out. It is all in your hands now, the more you pray the more miracles we will see!  Many mekubalim have revealed to us the renewal that takes place this coming shabbat including The Mekubal of Apta has revealed to us that all bad decrees can be annulled on Rosh Chodesh Nissan.  Use this day wisely and as the Pnei Menacham promised, you will have salvations!
The main point all of our work is to connect to the source. As a tree needs to be strengthen from it’s roots to grow wider, also we need to strength our root (the soul) so that we can grow spiritually. In order to achieve a connection to the source we need first to connect to our soul. To connect with our neshama, we need to know where is it rooted. So, the Arizal explains that the Shechina is the root of all of the souls. When we are connected to the root of our neshama, we are connected to the Shechina, and when connected to the Shechina we are automatically connected with Hashem (the source). In order to have sweet fruits, the roots of the tree need to have a sweet nourishment. Also with us, the Arizal says that we need to make the meditation of sweetening the judgements of the Shechina so that the Shechina could be unified with the upper levels. 
The Zohar in Parashat Tazria states that the beginning of the creation of Adam is soil of the land. This land, as stated before, is the Shechina. The Zohar reveals a secret within the word וייצר (formed), that the two yud’s are a reference to the two yetzarim: The Yetzer HaTov and The Yetzer Hara. Between these two yetzarim the connection between fire and water is found. Fire is the Yetzer Hara and water represents The Yetzer HaTov. As we know, fire is a very useful element in ur daily lives, the same way, if the Yetzer Hara is used with intelligence it could be very useful. 
The Zohar continues, with the connection of the Holy Names. י–ה–ו–ה represents chesed where א–ל–הים represents judgement. On the same line, water represents chesed and fire gevurah. Through the whole creation it can be observed that many times Hashem-Elokim is used in reference to G-d. This teaches us that for the creation to exist there was a need of a mixture of Chesed and Gevurah. This is the foundation of Adam. The soil from which Adam is formed, is the soil from the Holy Land, specifically from where the Bet Hamikdash stood. 
The highest level of avodat Hashem was the sacrifices that were done in the Temple. It must be our goal to reconnect ourselves with the source and the pathway to achieve that is to connect from the same place: The Bet Hamidash,  may it will be build soon and in our days. 

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