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Rabbi Petaya (or Fetaya, Fetiyah (1859-1942)) is an Iraqi-born mekubal a great and holy sage thoroughly versed in theoretical and practical Kabbalah along with oral and written Torah. was born in Baghdad and died on ZaKh Menahem Av in Jerusalem. He was the main student of the Yosef Hayyim and was also a student of Hakham Shimon Agassi. Rabbi Yehuda also writes of his experiences with earthbound souls (ruchot & dibbukim), and the exorcisms that he performed. 25 he was expert in the open and esoteric meanings of the Torah, and he wrote his first work based on Jewish mysticism (called Yayin Ha-Rokach — “Spiced Wine”) This work is a commentary on the two Idras of the Zohar and Minhat Yehuda, that incorporates kabbalistic interpretation of Tanakh through his encounter with spirits, while Bet Le`hem Yehuda, his major work, is the authoritative commentary on the Sefer Etz Hayim of Isaac Luria and his student, Hayim Vital. Like many kabbalists, he practiced the kavanot of Shalom Sharabi. He claimed to have been a reincarnation of Yechezkel Landau. He was expert in the esoteric significance of names and incantations, wrote amulets and healed the sick(hidabrut) He was famous in Baghdad and later in Jerusalem for being the uncontested master in the science of kosher Qame`ot (amulets) and their writing, in the science of reincarnations and spirits, together with Jewish oneiromancy. To this day, the only proper amulets have their origin in his teachings, in his identification of their source. He also devoted much writing to the difference between dreams emanating from Heaven and from demons.



Rabbi Fatiyah brings down examples how demons appear in dreams in the form of tzaddikim or as “ascended masters.” They can show dreamers images of the heavens, the holy throne, or even Kabbalistic symbolism. All this is their attempt to convince the dreamer to believe in that which they send to him. In this way, the forces of evil ensnare for themselves another soul. The demons always begin by showing one images of holiness to convince the person that what he is seeing in his dreams is “kosher”. Then after the soul is convinced and believes in what it is being shown, the demons then lead him step by step until eventually the person sinks into mental illness. In this state, the demons can control the person’s mind and body. The only way to avoid the onset of such a demonic attack is the recitation of the full order of the nighttime Shema Yisrael prayers.

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  • Learn about the stories of this mekubal and how to elevate your soul by listening small experiencies of a great tzadik

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  • jews and non jews who wants to listen stories of tzadikim

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