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Our Sages, of blessed memory, have taught us that man was created only to delight in God and bask in the glow of His Presence, which is the truest pleasure and greatest delight that could possibly exist. The true place of this delight is in the World to Come, because it was created in preparation for this. But the way to reach this destination is through this world. That is what our Sages of Blessed Memory have taught us (Avot/Ethics of the Fathers 4:16): “This world is like a vestibule before the World to Come.” The means that prepare a person for this goal are the mitzvot that the Almighty has commanded us. The place where these mitzvot are performed is only in This World. Therefore, man was placed in this world first, so that, through the means that are available to him here, he can reach the place that was prepared for him, i.e., the World to Come, where he can bask in the good that he has earned through the mitzvot. That is what our Sages, of Blessed Memory, meant when they said (Eiruvin 22a), “Today is to do them and tomorrow is to receive the reward.”


Intermediate Kabbalistic concepts course with introductions. The foundation of true Jewish Kabbalah. Learn the intricacies of the different spiritual worlds in the traditional Jewish Kabbalistic way. This course contains all the foundations of learning advanced kabbalah in a conscious way.

About Course

Through the foundations of Authentic Jewish Kabbalah of the Ramchal, you will gain the tools not only to meditate by using traditional Jewish Kabbalah meditations. But more than that, you will be able to change your reality and view on life.

The Kabbalistic Meditations is a unique meditation course. Designed for all levels, both beginner and advanced students of all levels can and will gain from this course.


Kabbalah of the Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto).

The Ramchal’s holy book of The Ilan Hakadosh is unique, actually, it is a summary from the Ramchal on the entire system of the world. From the beginning of time to the reality that we are working within. The Ramchal’s genius is shown in that fact he managed to put so much wisdom into ten short chapters. This is probably the best summary we have of the structure of the worlds of the Kabbalah.

The Vilna Goan once said after seeing one of the Ramchals books that if he were still living he would walk to him on foot (from Austria to Italy) just to learn a little of his wisdom. the Ramchal merited to have revelations from Eliyahoo hanavi and other angles, his book Zohar Tinyana contains their teachings.

What Will I Learn?

  • Clarity of the whole structure of the spiritual worlds
  • Have a tremendous advantage for any future learning of Kabbalah or Jewish Meditation
  • Get Familiar with concepts of the Ariza"l
  • A deeper understanding of the process and goal of creation
  • A little knowledge in what we are here to do
  • Gain tools to Conquer difficult mystical topics with ease
  • Connect to your inner inspiration down-loader

Topics for this course

6 Lessons8h

Lesson 1 – Adam Kadmon and Introduction

Adam Kadmon Chapter 100:00:00

Lesson 2 Shbirat HaKelim

Lesson 3 – Tikun HaOlamot?

Summary of First Chapters

Lesson 4 – Zeir Anpin

Lesson 5 – Nukvah De-Zah

Lesson 6 – Partzufim?

At this level we will review all of the last items involved in the last classes. 

Lesson 7 – Tikunei HaPartzufim


Material Includes

  • Digital EBook האילן הקדוש (Ha-ilan HaKadosh) in Hebrew complete with links to exclusive videos, follow the classes with the Ebook ,


  • Desire to connect to the spiritual concepts of Kabbalah.
  • Knowledge of Hebrew is not essential, however, the text is in Hebrew and the classes are in English

Target Audience

  • Anyone that wants to receive an understanding of the full spiritual system of the creation from the beginning of time to the point of our existance.

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