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What is death? What happens at the time of death? When you die the soul separates from the body. This can happen in one of two ways it can either be easy and smooth, like removing a hair from milk, or it can be difficult and painful, like pulling out the thick ropes from their beams of a mighty boat. Depending on how attached a person is to his body, the more difficult or easy this separation process will be. The more attached he is to his body, the more difficult. The less attached he is to his body, the easier. If a person identifies himself with his body then this is very painful. If a person identifies himself with his soul, then this is not painful at all. That is the time of death. What happens after this? Gilgul The second best option is Gilgul [reincarnation]. The soul is reincarnated into another body and has another chance to do good in this world.


Immediately after you die what happens?

After a person is buried, Angels come and put his soul back into his body and beat him with sticks of fire. This is called Chibut Hakever. This is to help separate the soul from the body. Again the same applies, the more one identifies with his body the more he will be beaten, the less he identifies with the body the less.

The soul travels back and forth between his buried body and the home where he lived for the first 3 days after being buried. It takes time to fully understand and comprehend that he has died. The soul is confused and travels around to the places that it is used to. The more he identified with his body, the more difficult this is. The less identified with his body, the easier this is. Gilgul
The Gilgul -reincarnation- is when  the soul is reincarnated into another body and has another chance to do all better his mission in this world.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn special topics about the Tikunim of the souls, missions in this world and how to implement meditations in the refinement of the soul.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

¿When you die, What happens first?

Inmediatly after
After burial

¿What exactly is means Reincarnation?

The power of prayer and meditation for a soul

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Material Includes

  • Articles and prerecorded videos as a companion


  • The more you practice meditations learnt, the more you will get benefits and blessings from them.

Target Audience

  • Beginning to Advanced Kabalah Students
  • Jews and non-Jews alike

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