Do you want to get the full structure of the spiritual worlds?

Would you like to connect to Authentic kabbalah the way it is traditionally taught in the Old City of Yerushalayim?

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Of the many Kabbalah books of the Ramchal, one of the special ones is the Ilan Hakadosh that summarizes in 10 short chapters all of the structures of the Kabbalah of the Ariza”l.  The Ilan Hakadosh was taught recently in the Kabbalistic Yeshiva in King Davids Tomb. We have put together a course that consists of the original Hebrew text of the Ramchal with links to the classes explaining the text in English.  This is a wonderful introduction for anyone who would like to receive a full understanding of the basic structure of the worlds of the Kabbalah of the Ariza”l.

You can find it here

The life struggles of one of the greatest kabbalists

Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato (Ramchal)

He was born in Padua Italy, 1707 התק״ד his Rabbi who love him like a son was Rabbi Yishayahu Basan, and taught him all the foundations of the Torah.  It is said that at 14 years of age he already knew all of the Tanach, Talmud, and Kabbalah.

When his Rabbi left Padua he started learning in his home with a small group of kabbalists, a few years after he started having revelations of an Angle who would come to him reveal to him secrets of the Torah.  When people found out that the Ramchal has an Angel that teaches him special secrets all of the Jews of the area would come to hear his Torah.

One of the stories that describe the way he writes his books was written by a Rabbi who came to visit in Padua.  that when he came to the house of the Ramchal, The face of the Ramchal was pressed against a pillow on the table. With both hands, he was writing two different articles of Torah without lifting his face to look at either. On both of his sides were dedicated students who would wait and changed the paper when he was near the bottom.

After a few years, the news about the Ramchal got to Rabbi Moshe CHagiz in Vilna who was searching in that time leftovers of the wicked cult of Shabti Tzvi.  Hashem caused that the Rabbi would mistakenly believe that the holy Ramchal belonged to that cult.  He then wrote a letter to the Rabbi of Vinetzia, to stop the Ramchal from learning and teaching Kabbalah.

The comity of the Rabbis in Italy forced the Ramchal to put all the books he wrote on Kabbalah in a big case and not to deal with kabbalistic meditations and communicate with angles.  they forbade him to write books on kabbalah.  in the years following the Ramchal wrote books that seemed to be simple and straight forward, but were actually all based on kabbalah which he also hid inside them.

Today we can say that the reason Hashem did it, was to force the Ramchal to write in a way that people who are not involved in Kabbalah can understand.

Thousands of people have studied these books and continue to learn them.  specifically the Rabbis of the Litvish yeshivas who follow the way of the Vilna Gaon, because of the following story:

They brought the book Mesilat Yesharim of the Ramchal to the Holy Vilna Gaon.  Who lived the generation after, when the Gaon from Vilna said if he were still alive he would go by foot from Vilna (Lita) to Padua (Italy) to learn by him.

After the Ramchal passed away, indeed all of the arguments about his Torah dissolved and through the generations, his books became more and more accepted among all of the Jewish nation.

The Ramchal said about himself that he is a reincarnation of Rabbi Akiva and came to this world to complete the 40 years that Rabbi Akiva lived without learning Torah and the sign for that will be that he will die at the age of 40 and will be buried next to Rabbi Akiva.  during the last few years of his life, he came to live in Israel in the city of Ako. When he passed away he was by himself on a donkey, the donkey went carrying the body of the Ramchal from Ako to Teveria, (an hours drive) he dropped his body right next to the tomb of Rabbi Akiva.  He was found there buried him in the same place.  many people who go to visit kivriey Tzadikim in the North of Israel go there to pray and see salvations.

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