Is it possible to know about previous lives? We have to begin answering what the purpose of reincarnation is; for starting, everything that Hashem does has a purpose, so the final goal is that every individual and anything in the [...]

The period of the three weeks, going into details Rabbi Chaim Vital, one of the main students of the Arizal, wrote several books on the teachings of his rabbi. Some of the books that he wrote are Etz Chaim and [...]

known as Rav Yare (an acronym for Yedidya Refaʾel Abū ʾl-ʿĀfiya) A disciple of Rabbi Raphael Avraham Shalom Mizrahi Sharabi, the head of the Yeshivat Kabbalah Beit El, and the grandson of Rabbi Shalom Mizrahi Sharabi, who was also the [...]