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Shine the Light of Authentic Jewish Kabbalah With Us!

'The essence of the Redemption depends upon learning Kabbalah…'
– The Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman

Welcome to the Kabbalistic Yeshiva on Mount Zion, Jerusalem is the online portal to the work of Yeshivas Nefesh HaChaim. From our location on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, adjacent to the Tomb of King David, we bring authentic Jewish Kabbalah to the world under the auspices of Yeshivas HaTfutzos (Diaspora Yeshiva), the original yeshiva for ba’alei teshuva.

This page provides a summary of the various aspects of our work in the hopes that you will be inspired to partner with us in bringing the redemption by becoming a donor or renewing your support, and to share in the merit of our work, thereby. Please also use the social media buttons to share this page!

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An advanced Kabbalah class with Rabbi Yaakov Shepherd
Play Video about An advanced Kabbalah class with Rabbi Yaakov Shepherd

Yeshiva and Kollel is the online portal to the work of the Kabbalistic yeshiva and kollel Nefesh HaChaim, which teaches regular beginner to advanced level classes on authentic Jewish Kabbalah to students younger and older, in the place from which Yeshayahu HaNavi (the prophet Isaiah) says Torah will proceed to the entire world.

In reality, most students are not able to afford the cost of full-time learning, since they are dedicated to learning Torah. This means scholarships and stipends are also needed, a great opportunity for you to share in the merit of our learning!

Needed for Estimated Yearly Budget

4,000,000 NIS

Scholarships for Bachurim     1,200,000 NIS

Stipends for Avreichim     2,300,000 NIS

Salaries for Rabbonim    500,000 NIS

Community Events

Yeshivas Nefesh HaChaim hosts regular Shabbatons and festive meals and celebrations for Chaggim and Yamim Tovim and other special days on the Jewish calendar, for yeshiva and kollel students and guests alike. These are spiritually refreshing, joyous occasions, full of Torah learning and rejoicing in the goodness of HaShem.

Your giving towards these events makes you our partner in the merit of this holy hospitality done in the Name of HaShem, considered to be one of the foremost Jewish values, and how much more when hosting Talmidei Chachamim.

Give for a special blessing for an area of need, in memory of a loved one who has passed, or in the merit of tzaddikim.

Needed for Estimated Yearly Budget

1,180,000 NIS

Weekly Shabbatons   600,000 NIS

Roshei Chadashim   260,000 NIS

“High Holidays”   100,000 NIS

Chaggim/Yamim Tovim   200,000 NIS

Other Holidays     90,000 NIS

Kivrei Tzaddikim Trips     30,000 NIS

Kabbalistic Book Publishing

Yeshivas Nefesh HaChaim is a prolific publisher of original Kabbalistic works, including physical books, such as our Kabbalistic Siddur with the kavanot of the Arizal, and over 50 courses and ebooks, which we give away free here in our library of Kabbalistic products.

We currently have a number of original books in the works, including a special series on Mashiach from Jewish sources, including the Kabbalah, which are in need of financial support to write and edit, translate, layout, print, promote, and distribute.

Needed for Estimated Yearly Budget

1,874,000 NIS

Book Writing     300,000 NIS

Book Editing     200,000 NIS

Language Translations     230,000 NIS

Layout Design     144,000 NIS

Book Printing     500,000 NIS

Promotion     500,000 NIS

Online Kiruv Efforts

In addition to the creation of original Kabbalistic works (see “Publishing” above), we are also engaged in ongoing efforts to promote and make these works available and to shine the light of authentic Jewish Kabbalah in general through and a variety of other third-party platforms, where we publish regular Kabbalistic articles, podcasts, and videos, and also interact with our followers, welcoming them and responding to questions and comments.

Our YouTube channel, for example, already includes thousands of Kabbalistic videos. The King David Kabbalah email newsletter keeps our email mailing list subscribers up-to-date, and content promotion efforts on various social media networks enables us to reach an ever-growing audience.

All of this requires a great deal of time and effort, as well as third-party services and fees. The support of our partners provides the financial means necessary for these efforts to succeed. 

Needed for Estimated Yearly Budget

1,900,000 NIS

Marketing Management     336,000 NIS

Writing and Editing     150,000 NIS

Video Production     500,000 NIS

Content Management     144,000 NIS

Mailing List Management     150,000 NIS

Social Media Management     120,000 NIS

Advertising Fees     500,000 NIS

Mikdash House Logo

The Mikdash House

King David Kabbalah is currently planning for the creation of a special place in the center of Jerusalem, where the beauty of art and inspirational tones of music will connect visitors to the wisdom of authentic Jewish Kabbalah and the practice of Kabbalistic meditation.

This Mikdash House will bezrat HaShem serve as a model for future Mikdash Houses around the world, building spiritual Jewish communities for those who are seeking a deeper connection with Hashem, through inspirational musical and artistic events, which include opportunities to participate in guided Kabbalistic meditations based on the teachings of the Ariza”l and the Zohar.

Needed for Estimated Yearly Budget

7,475,000 NIS

The House     5,000,000 NIS

Aron Kodesh           20,000 NIS

Sefer Torah         100,000 NIS

Furniture            50,000 NIS

Artists          150,000 NIS

Art Supplies            25,000 NIS

Musicians          150,000 NIS

Instruments            50,000 NIS

Equipment            30,000 NIS

Catering          400,000 NIS

Staff       1,000,000 NIS

Promotion          500,000 NIS

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