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The Secret Of Rachel Imeinu in the Kabbalah!

Manny great Mekubalim are accustomed to say before every mitzvah and Prayer the prayer “Leshem Yichud” and within this prayer, it is written ” לעילוי שכינת עוזנו‎” for the elevation of the Shechina which is our strength!  Many people ask; What or who is the Shechina? Why do we call the Shechina our strength? and why do we need to elevate it?  It is brought down in Kabbalah books that the Shechina is the unity of all the souls of Am Israel. Our strength ‘Uzenu’ is within our unity!  When we connect to the Shechina we are activating that power!

The Zohar explains that the sefirah of Malchut is the Shechina. Malchus is the lowest Sefirah of the ten, and Malchut receives the abundance from the upper Sefirot. This Seifra of Malchus is the one that is most affected by our actions since we are most connected to it.  It is brought down “בפשעכם שולחה אימכם‎” Because of your sins your mother has been expelled.  “ירדו לבבל שכינה עימהם‎” They went down to Bavel and the Shechina with them.  Since Every Jew is connected to the Shechina, the Shechina stays in our hearts even when we go down to exile.  Now we can understand why the pious Mekubalim pray for the elevation of the Shechina since it is actually praying for the elevation of the Jewish Nation, which naturally follows that is the elevation of the whole world.

Every good deed we do especially when combined with the right thoughts intentions and prayers elevates the Shechina one level after another.  when the shechinah will return to its place, a constant everlasting unity.  This is redemption when everything returns to its original place, and the system reaches its fullest potential.  The gateway for the revelation we await for every moment.

What is the connection of all of this to Rachel Imeinu?

Rachel Imeinu is the Shechina according to the Zohar and the Arizal.  As we wrote in the Introductions to Kabbalah “Kabbalah and Jewish Meditations from scratch” the forefathers and our matriarchs made themselves to be a Merkavah to the Upper Sefirot.  Just as Avraham Avinu made himself to be a Merkava to Chesed, Yitzchak Avinu to the Gevurah, and Yaakov to the Tiferet, Rachal Imeinu made herself a Merkava to the Sefirah of Malchut which is the shechinah itself.  This is why the Yartzite of Rachel Imeinu is very significant.  As it is brought down by the great Kabbalist in his Kabbalah book “Moed Le Kol Chai” Siman 26 Paragraph 4 that it is good to take the opportunity of Yud Alef Mar Cheshvan the Yartzite of Rachel Imeinu, to pray and learn for the elevation of the Shechina to awaken her merit, “crying on her children so they should return from exile”. To learn the articles that speak and explain about Rachel Imeinu on her Yartzite and her merit will protect us Amen Ken Yehi Ratzon.

It is also proper that every place where Am Yisrael is found to donate money in the merit of Rachel Imeinu.  This is a large Segulah to do every year on this day and will surely bring protection.

This year the tomb of Rachel Imeinu will be unfortunately closed to the public from today until Sunday, everyone that had planned to be there must compromise and do their learning prayers in her merit in a different place.   Hashem has made for us a miracle this year, that one of the Torah Scholars that learn in our Kabbalist Yeshiva in King Davids Tomb will be there.  He will pray and learn in her merit for all of the supporters of King David Kabbalah, Bezrat Hashem.  This is a good opportunity to make a contribution to our different projects that are currently underway here in King Davids Tomb.  All those that merit to do so will gain also the blessings from the  Yartzite of Rachel Imeinu also the merit of Dovid King of Yisrael, and also the Merit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Arizal and all the pious Kabbalists that we work hard to explain and publicize there Torah!

All of the Doners will receive a digital certificate and those that will make significant contributions will merit to receive a Special book with kabbalistic meditations with a personal dedication and blessings.


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