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There are angelic guardians at the entrances of the spiritual worlds. They allow certain things in and block certain things from getting in.

I would like to add, that the sound of the shofar is also like a prayer. There are angels who want to block it from getting in. This spiritual voice is a very powerful prayer and we want the spiritual voice of the shofar to get in through those angels and into heaven.

To open the channel so our prayers (and the spiritual voice of the shofar) can get in through the angels and reach its destination within the spiritual worlds, we have to do something very important called Teshuva.

What is Teshuva?

The simple explanation of Teshuva is when a person

  1. Understands that what he did until now was not good enough and stops doing whatever it was
  2. Regrets what he has done
  3. Accepts on him/her self to do better from now on.
  4. Verbally admits his wrongdoing to G-d

With the merit of taking on ourselves the responsibility and privilege to push ourselves higher, the angels that are guarding the gateways of heaven will open the gates and let our prayers (and the sound of the blowing of the shofar) come into the highest destination in the spiritual worlds. This will make all of the judgments of the whole world sweetened.


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