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"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine"

We know the famous verse “אני לדודי ודודי לי – Ani ledodi vledodi li” that the initial letters of each word form the word Elul. The first part “אני לדודי– I am my Beloved’s” means that we are willing to give-up our selves to Hashem.  In the Kabbalah this is related with the meditation of the Ariza”l that is found in our Siddur, that is called “Arbah Mitot Beit Din” the basic principle of this kabbalistic meditation is that we show Hashem that we are coming towards Hashem telling Him that we are ready to give up on the things that, we understand, are holding us back from Him. According to how much effort and how much we invest on coming closer to Hashem it is going to be proportional to the way He is going to approach us, and this is the meaning of the second part of the verse “ודודי לי – and my Beloved is mine”. In the concepts of the Kabbalistc Meditations of the Arizal this is called ‘Mochin’ which is abundance of new wisdom, understanding and knowledge, that are parallel to Chochma, Bina and Daat.   

We all know that the process of giving up things could get very difficult and some of those things are hard to work on. The main point is to, every year on Elul, look for those things that are separating us from Hashem and try to find within ourselves the strength to let go. To let go those bad habits, all those bad attitudes and all of the negative that we find in our lives through out inner introspection. It really looks as hard task to do, but in Elul it is an auspicious time to be able to accomplish what we set ourselves to do. 

During Elul there is a special “Siata Dshmaya” (Help from heaven) to help us accomplish becoming a better person and connect on a deeper level with Hashem. When we connect to Hashem, it obviously has a direct impact in our spiritual life. We pray in a better way, we learn in a more meaningful way and much more. Also, when we connect with Hashem our physical side has a huge impact; we suddenly start realizing that anything that happens to us is directly controlled by Hashem and that it is all for the good. By realizing how involved Hashem is in our lives we automatically create a stronger connection with Him. 

At the end of the day, all of the struggle that we think we are going through or the hardship that it is to give up on something that are pulling us to the wrong side, all of these things  become meaningless. Now we are able to see Hashem in our lives, suddenly we don’t find it hard to give-up on bad things, out of nowhere it becomes easier to pray for a longer time and more focused. We start living life according to an ideal: “Anything that happens to me, good or bad, it’s just to become closer to Hashem, so it is not bad only good”. 

The goal for this Elul is to become closer to Hashem, to strive for a higher knowledge of Hashem, because when we achieve a higher knowledge of Hashem all of our “struggles” become meaningless and we start seeing them as little steps towards an unbreakable closeness with Hashem. 

May this Elul be a meaningful one, may Hashem help us on our journey to become closer to Him, may we find the strength we need and may we be successful in all of our endeavors.  


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