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In the introduction to Shaar HaKadamot, the author R’ Chayim Vital quotes the Zohar that speaks about the people that are against learning Kabbalah.

It says that because people are not interested in the inner part of the Torah, the soul of the Torah, which is the wisdom of Kabbalah, brings all of the sorrow and pain to the world.

They are causing the spring of wisdom will be extinguished [G-d forbid!]. When this spring of wisdom gets dry, it causes the Yud to evaporate and the letter Bet becomes dry and becomes a Vet.

The letter Bet and Vet are similar, just the Vet does not have the dot in the middle. The dot can be viewed as a Yud.

Now let us meditate on this.

One understanding of the Vet is the feeling of dryness

Meditate and feel the dryness of the Vet

Now meditate to bring the Yud back to the vet.

How do you do this?

Start from the Alef meditation.

Bring the light of Hashem from the upper Yud [which represents the abundance coming from Hashem] to the lower Yud [which represents the pure source of the world]

After you bring the light to the lower Yud bring the light to the middle of the Vet

See the dryness of the Vet filling up. Fill it up with the Yud. The Vays now becomes a Bays and the Yud is that dot in the Bays.

This represents the filling up of the dryness in our souls. This represents the filling up our souls with the light of Hashem, and with the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the soul of the Torah!

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