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The Major Tikkun of this time is Rebuilding Yerushalayim. this is happening in all the dimensions on the individual level and on the global level. The different dimensions we speak about are physical spiritual and emotional. with each one of those, Yerushalayim will have meaning and the rebuilding of Yerushalayim can be a way to connect to Hashem and bring down spiritual and physical abundance and happiness.

How is this achieved? How can we connect to Hashem to help heal the world?

By increasing the Kedusha (purity and Holiness) and revealing Hashems Kingdom which is the quality that Yerushalayim represents. when we connect to those qualities and strengthen them in all the level this will become part of the rebuilding of Yerushalayim.
this is the overall goal of all of our projects in King David Kabbalah, like it is said ki mitzion tetze Torah udevar Hashem me Yerushalayim. All the Torah we send to the world from mount Zion king David’s tomb has this intention. and we invite everyone to join us to learn pray meditate and connect to Hashem strengthen the Kedusha experiencing more revelation in our individual lives and creating a momentum of elevation by sharing with others all the blessings.
May we have the merit for being part of the Tikkun of the meraglim, within these 40 days that they were going through Eretz Yisrael we want to be in Eretz Yisrael not only in our body but more important in our body and heart and to emphasize and strengthen only the positive sides and put all our trust in Hashem that will lead us to safe haven.
It is also good to say Tikkun Haketoret 2 times a day the whole year but especially now.  if someone is able Chatzot is the best time to do this, if not during the korbanot in the tefilla also after shacharit, and before mincha prayer.  we have a free Tikun version and a paid Tikkun version on the website for your convenience.  It for sure has much more power when said with a minyan.
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