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  • Kabbalistic Protection – Segulah Salt

    This salt is blessed by kabbalists. There is a special segulah that while a kabbalist is saying the sefirat haomer, to hold salt and say a special prayer. This imbues the salt with special protective properties.

    Rabbi Yakov Shepherd, Rosh Yeshiva and Head Kabbalist, performed this special mystical ritual and said the special kabbalistic prayers thereby imbuing this salt with protective properties.

    Every day through the 49 days of sefirat haomer this salt was blessed, and this ritual performed.

    Special protective salt.

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    In order to really receive the blessing of Hashem, each one should give according to his ability.

    This is exactly the idea of maaser, that you give 10-20 % of your income on a regular basis for tzedakah.

    It was said by many big and righteous rabbis throughout the generations that the best option for tzedaka is for poor people that are learning Torah in Yerushalayim specifically.

    Your donation goes toward those poor people who are learning Torah here in King David’s tomb in the holy city of Yerushalayim.

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  • Month of Blessings and Prayers from the Kabbalists

    The Kabbalists at the Kabbalistic Yeshiva Nefesh HaChaim on Mount Zion will pray for the wellbeing and livelihood of those who give charity through this site and their families.


    • A big segula (Omnisitant Oman) for livelihood

    remember to Add the names of those you would like us to pray for in the Order notes during checkout


    Every contributor will benefit from the Kabbalah Prayers done in Holy sites and Kivrie Tzadikim done in the same month by the Rabbis and Kabbalists from Yeshivat Nefesh HaChaim.

  • Siddur Chayn Ashkenaz (weekday Shacharit)

    Siddur with the Kaavanot of the Arizal. For the first time in Nusach Ashkenaz.

  • Regular Binding Kabbalistic Siddur Zichron Dovid – Second Edition


    We only have copies in the US!!

    – If you still want to buy and you are elsewhere, we can send you a siddur from the US, but you will have to pay in advance the delivery method of your choice.

    – If you buy this product and you are not in the US you agree that a person from our team will contact you for shipping payment details. No siddur will be sent before the delivery payment is done. 


    Learn to pray with more feeling! Discover the true meaning of prayer

    Siddur with the meditations of the Arizal in English.

    Using this siddur you will gain an appreciation for prayer and prayer will become much more enjoyable!

    The most sought after Kabbalistic Siddur in English

    Unfortunately, shipping costs may vary because of the virus as it is constantly changing we are not able to promise shipping within a certain time unless we use more expensive shipping costs outside of the USA

    please contact us if you live outside of the USA and want faster shipping


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