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  • Pidyon Nefesh Spiritual Protection Package

    This year Bezrat Hashem we are doing a Pidyon Nefesh, Pidyon Kapparot, and Atarat Nedarim for  Erev Rosh Hashanah and/or Erev Yom Kippur.

    • Special Pidyon Nefesh – done according to Reb Chaim Vital and the Rashash.
      Its segula is to protect yourself and family and have the blessing of Hashem.
      Your name and names of family and we will be included in the special ceremony in King Davids Tomb. sells for $160
    • Pidyon Kapparot – Provides atonement for sins of the year.  At King David Kabbalah we will be doing Kapparot according to the Meditations of the Arizal Because of all the technical difficulties of actually performing the Kapparot yourself, there are many people who do Pidyon Kapparot, which means that a person gives the value of how much the Kapparot would cost to charity and then they do a prayer that comes instead of Kapparot and are included within the prayers of Yom Kippur. Sells for $18
    • Hatarat Nedarim and Hatarat Klalot – Annulment of Vows, Curses, Witch Craft, and Evil Eye
      to remove any negativity that may cause a blockage in the vessels of abundance. Sells for $151
    • Free Bonus Kabbalistic Preparations for Yamim Noraim Course! Sells for $360


  • Isaias 53 El verdad

    Isaias 53, un versiculo con muchas traducciones, pero solo una manera de saber que significa.

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  • Secretos cabalísticos de Shavuot con meditación avanzada

    Protección de Shavuot Pagina

    Introducción a las Meditaciones

    El Origen de la Costumbre de Tikun Leil Shavuos

    Meditaciones Avanzadas para el Tikkun

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  • Printable PDF of Tefilat HaShlah

    The FULL Prayer of the Shlah for Children also to be born and also for the ones that have been born to be healthy happy and most important go in the way of Hashem.  This prayer was formulated by a big Kabbalist from the 1600s, the words of the prayer have special weight to them and can if used in the right way bring good life for your children. there are 2 pdf’s one that is English/Hebrew and the other Spanish/Hebrew, without commentary.  If you like the books, there is an optional donation to offset production costs.  Printable PDF

    oración imprimible gratis del Shlah HaKadosh en español

  • Donation in the merit of Mordechai Elazar ben Rivka

    Segulah of Gratitude from Rabbi Menser

    We Know that Tzadikim in their deaths are alive and every tzadik that established a way of serving Hashem, this way is not canceled after their passing but gets wider and bigger.  Therefore as much as there was power in this segulah when Rav Mentzer was alive how much more so now when he is not limited to a physical body his merit can help even more people! Take advantage, your letters may be published

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  • Truth of Iseah 53

    According to Christianity¨ the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 and the last verses of chapter 52¨ from verse 13¨ are talking about Jesus.  The New Testament says that this part of the bible it a messianic prophecy of sorts. It fits nicely with the Christian story about a suffering messiah.  How is it that the subject in Isaiah 53¨ the suffering servant¨ is the messiah Taking a closer look at the text to see the revealed Truth

    by  Eliyahu Silver

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  • Why Don’t the Jewish People Recognize the New Testament?

    Why don’t the Jewish people recognize the New Testament? I couldn’t understand it. It was so obvious! Then I realized that I never investigated the matter. But does anybody investigate the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow? It is so obvious! It just couldn’t be that all the Christian nations were wrong and a handful of Jews were right!? After much investigation here is the answer by Reb Eliyahu Silver

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  • Segulot and Kabalistic Prayers

    A comprehensive compilation of different segulot and kabbalistic prayers for healing in times of plagues.

    ebook in color and over 140 pages

    includes kabbalistic meditations, Prayers, Cameas and Segulot from many different Rabbis and Kabbalists

    what is here is a temporary file It is currently being edited and more segulot Besrat Hashem will hopefully be added!

    If you like the E-books, we would like to request that you send a small donation to offset production cost. Thank You

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