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  • Tikkun of Ta’anit Esther

    Special Tikkun for Taanit Esther.

    For redeeming the Shechina from exile.

    For a personal redemption for you.

    On the day of Taanit Esther, before Mincha, it is customary that each person gives a commemoration of the half shekel to Tzedaka. Some people give $45, some give $15, and some give 3 half dollars.

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  • Tikkun Ketoret Español eBook

    Un libro electrónico que contiene las meditaciones cabalísticas del Ketoret.

    Tikkun Ketoret es una de las oraciones cabalísticas más antiguas y usadas.

    Por primera vez con las meditaciones cabalísticas en inglés.

    55 páginas

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  • Tikkun Ketoret eBook – Spiritual Defense from Of The Corona Virus!

    SEE the video: “How to stop the KORONA!”

    An ebook containing the Kabbalistic Meditations of the Ketoret.

    Tikkun Ketoret is one of the oldest and most used Kabbalistic Prayers.

    For the first time with the Kabbalistic meditations in English.

    55 pages


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  • Get extra Help for your Tikkun

    After fulfilling the basic requirement of Teshuva, by looking into the depths of your heart and making a strong decision of following the way of Hashem.  Letting go of all the bad habits of lust and desires.

    After following in the footsteps of the Ariza”l and Rabbi Yehudah Pattaya, as we have written in the book Vidduy of Rabbi Pataya Tikkun Shovavim, if you would like to make your Tikkun stronger and more significant instead of just redeeming the fast days to someone who does not understand the meaning of it all. you may decide to give the redemption money to the Kabbalist Yeshiva in KingDavids Tomb and reap the benefits of the mekubalim that will pray for you and for your tikkun in the holiest place of the Jewish people (until the Beis Hamikdash will be built soon in our days beesrat Hashem).

    (You can donate to any tzdakah you like. and the Tikkun is still good)

    Please fill in the amount you would like to donate and click DONATE


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  • Donation to The Kabalistic Yeshiva Nefesh HaChaim

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  • Tikkun on Zos Chanukah

    Special Tikkun for Zos Chanukah [the 8th night of Chanukah]


    The Tikkun is for you to have Bani Chayi U’Mezoni [children, life, and sustinance]

    Whoever donates will be a part of the Tikkun.

    Every person who does it can add your name and names of family and we will read out the names of you and your family in the special ceremony in King Davids Tomb.

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    Kabbalistic ebook Package

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    Pidyon Nefesh

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    Pidyon Nefesh

    Pidyon Nefesh

     הָפַכְתָּ מִסְפְּדִי לְמָחוֹל לִי פִּתַּחְתָּ שַׂקִּי וַתְּאַזְּרֵנִי שִׂמְחָה

    Turning the Din to Chesed; Sweetening the Judgments.

    Special Pidyon Nefesh according to Reb Chaim Vital and the Rashash.

    The segula is to protect yourself and family and have the blessing of Hashem.

    Every person who is in need of salvation can request this special ceremony to be done on his behalf in King Davids Tomb year-round.  Pidyon Nefesh is the best known Segulah to remove Judgments from a person, besides the fact that the person receives the merit of Tzdaka and Limud Torah, which in and of itself is an amazing tool, you also receive the benefit of the special tradition of the Kabbalistic Yeshivah Bet El of the old city that is founded on the Rashash himself.

    (note there are similar products on this website For Erev Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, also one that is packaged with Pidyon Kapparot and Hatarat Nedarim and Klalot)

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