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The Meditation of the Shema Israel

The Zohar in Parashat Bo talks about the recitation of the Shema, also known Kriat Shema. The main thing to do in the recitation of the Shema Israel is to meditate in the unification of Hashem’s names. The Zohar explains that within the Shema recitation there is Hashem Elokenu Hashem. This three words are making reference to  three different Hashem’s names. These three times are three callings to Hashem that are donde through the recitation. The callings are not simple callings but three different levels. 

There are three different aspects within human speech: fire, wind and water. The air is natural within human voice. This air that comes from the lungs has humidity being this the water. And the fire would be the warmth of the body. When they become to be one is what is known as voice. This is the metaphor to understand what does it mean to unify Hashem’s names in the recitation of the Shema. 

When said out-loud Shema Israel Hashem Elokenu Hashem accompanied by the meditation of the unification of all the different names at their different levels. From the bottom of creation till infinity. In the tree of life, were the structure of the sefirot are represented, there are also three columns. The left column for the first Hashem’s name, the middle column for the Elokenu and the right column for the third Hashem’s name. At this level the goal is also to unify the three columns: kindness, judgment and mercy.

Man goes through different stages in life, some rough and some easy. The path of life is related with the tree of life. Sometimes there are situations filled with kindness, others with mercy and some others with judgment. The objective is to be at a state of mind to understand that those three situations are really one that comes from Hashem. When a person accept upon himself that all comes from Hashem, and that everything happens for the tikun of the world; this is accepting the unity of Hashem. This is one of the many meditations that the Zohar brings to meditate at the time of the recitation of the Shema. 

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