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A Place for Kabbalistic Meditation, Art, and Music.


King David Kabbalah is currently planning for the creation of a special place in the center of Jerusalem, where the beauty of art and inspirational tones of music will connect visitors to the wisdom of authentic Jewish Kabbalah and the practice of Kabbalistic meditation.

This Mikdash House will bezrat HaShem serve as a model for future Mikdash Houses around the world, building spiritual Jewish communities for those who are seeking a deeper connection with Hashem, through inspirational musical and artistic events, which include opportunities to participate in guided Kabbalistic meditations based on the teachings of the Ariza”l and the Zohar.


Executive Summary

King David Kabbalah is looking to create its first Kabbalistic outreach house in a central neighborhood in Jerusalem.

In general, this kiruv house will serve spiritually interested yet unaffiliated Jews, including residents and out-of-town visitors, by providing advanced Kabbalah classes for those who wish to dedicate their lives to Hashem through learning and applying the advanced meditations of Kabbalah.

Known as an artistic spiritual center, where many people visit for cultural and musical inspiration, we are currently exploring the possibility of establishing the first Mikdash House in Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

Video Tour of Nachlaot

Agripas Street, Nachlaot, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)
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Mikdash house

Changing the Thinking

The average person today has a stigma about Judaism. When they hear about it, see anything about it, see religious Jews, they immediately think that this is all just based on nonsense. Meaningless laws and customs with no spiritual depth or scientific reason, and many more incorrect thoughts. Our goal is to change this, to show people that every detail of Judaism, all of the traditions, laws, and teachings, have countless spiritual secrets to them, many of which have been verified with mathematics, scientific evidence and studies. We want to show all of the Jewish people the truth of Judaism, Torah, Mitzvot, the land of Israel, the secrets of our Creator and how to rectify all of the world, which are the main goals of Judaism and the reasons for the creation of our reality. By doing so, we hope to speed up the process of the redemption, ending the falsehood and suffering, and bringing peace, harmony, and truth to this world, all people, and all creation for eternity.


– Build a warm, strong, and vital community
– Enhance access to authentic Jewish Kabbalah
– Actively promote and support a plan to revitalize the surrounding neighborhoods
– Kiruv programing
– Cultural events to bring people closer to Torah and mitzvot observance through art, music, health food, and Kabbalah.


Jewish men who have an interest in spirituality but no real support and authentic guidance in finding the truth and living as an observant Jew.

We may also include events with a women’s section, though they are not the primary audience.

Classes for women with the Rebbetzin will be scheduled at set times during the week.


There are many young men and students from religious or traditional homes who wind up in Nachlaot.

Sometimes, although they grow up in a religious home, they just don’t quite fit into that mold. Traditional paths of learning are simply not accessible to them.

Little by little, they change, as do their friends, and finding no inspiring avenue for Torah and Mitzvahs, they even intermarry.


These souls are still connected, and if we can touch their hearts and strengthen their connection with Hashem using Kabbalistic methods, bezrat HaShem they may be inspired to turn from seeking satisfaction in unkosher sources.

Mikdash house

Creating Leaders

Mikdash house

A Rabbi requires the knowledge and the skills to provide basic halachic determinations and to recognize more complex questions that should be referred to a higher authority. Through a comprehensive curriculum focused on a basic working level of the material, we will enable students to expand his knowledge and hone his skills. We believe that a real Rabbi in our generations must have the ability to answer spiritual questions and direct his congregation to grow spiritually on the foundations of halachah. 

Those who will attend classes on a regular basis, learning and reviewing the materials, will have the opportunity to be tested in order to receive Semicha. This means they will have the possibility and support to learn all the foundations of the real heritage of the Kabbalah as it is taught here in Yerushalayim, including historical backgrounds and a general understanding of great kabbalists and their Torah. Practical guidance to use Jewish meditations (kavvanot) will be given.

We want to make well-rounded Rabbis with knowledge not only in contemporary life questions but also a thorough knowledge of holy texts, and how to find answers. Developing halachah study skills and acquiring a broad base of knowledge on how to connect halachah with Kabbalah, spirituality and Jewish meditation. Students will acquire the tools to identify the deeper themes in the material and learn how to deliver those insights to others through their own teaching.

What Mikdash Houses Will Include


Music is a tool that reaches deep into the soul, altering moods and creating the spiritual atmosphere for desired spiritual transformations.


Healthy kosher food is a great way to show secular people that would love to come closer to Yidishkite that it is not only possible, but tasty!


Kabbalah-inspired art on display at events is another way to enter the hearts and open a new path of wisdom and spiritual elevation.


We would eventually like to start having a small daily minyan of prayers in the house where the young men can practice the skills of meditations that they learn.

Partner With Us!

We hope that you are as excited about the Mikdash House as we are. If so, become a partner with us in bringing authentic Jewish Kabbalah to the world through this holy endeavor.

Of course funding is essential to making this work a reality, but relevant in-kind giving is also welcome, as is your help in spreading the word! Please share this page with family, friends, and members of your community around the world, and feel free to send us your questions and/or comments.

May all those who faithfully dedicate themselves to good works in the service of HaShem merit to see the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash and the coming of Melech HaMashiach, bimhera v’yamenu!

Rabbi Ya’akov Shepherd
Rosh Yeshiva, Nefesh HaChaim
Director, KingDavidKabbalah.com

Needed Now

Approximate 1st-year figures

Fundraising Goal

The House

Aron HaKodesh

Sefer Torah



Art Supplies








5,000,000 NIS

20,000 NIS

100,000 NIS

50,000 NIS

150,000 NIS

25,000 NIS

150,000 NIS

50,000 NIS

30,000 NIS

400,000 NIS

1,000,000 NIS

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7,475,000 NIS

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'The essence of the Redemption depends upon learning Kabbalah…'
– The Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman

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