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Tikkunim for 5780

A Tikkun is a fixing of a sin. When one sins a part of their soul and life force is captured by the Sitra Achra (lit. other side). The person’s life force will stay there until it will be taken out and brought back to Kedusha.

In Shaar Ruach Hakodesh the Arizal writes about many sins and how to do Tikkunim (plural for Tikkun) for them, thereby getting back the parts of soul and life force. It’s very important that one does the full Tikkun of his soul before he passes away from this world so he doesn’t need to suffer in to cleanse himself.

Before going into the specifics, one important point must be made. These Tikkunim are for the correction of the soul. This does not mean that it is instead of  Teshuva. You must also do teshuva along with the Tikkun. The Tikkunim are for after you have already done teshuva and you now want to fix your soul.

The basis of the tikkunim is to fast. For each sin, there is a prescribed amount of fast days. While fasting is an important part of the cleansing process (and help a lot), they don’t need to be done if a person is weak or sick.(pease check with your doctor to see if it is safe to fast) Nevertheless, those that are able should do it.

These fasts do not need to be done consecutively. Each fast if from Alos Hashachar until Tseis Hakochavim. (Before sunrise until nightfall.)

For this year 5780 Rabbi Yaakov will be performing the following Tikkunim for people in the days listed in the table below.

How to join

Fill in the following form below in order to have us contact you with more information so you can join R’ Yaakov in the corresponding Tikkun.

Remember: ALL information filled in the form will be kept confidential and only used to help you perform the Tikkun. We will send you the prayer related to the specific Tikkun you want to perform.

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