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Fun Facts About Pesach

Pesach is a seven day Jewish festival beginning at evening the 15th of Nissan. The holiday commemorates the exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. The main event of the holiday is the “Night Seder”.

The “Night Seder” is a festive meal in which the story of the Exodus is recounted through the reading of the “Pesach Haggadah”. One of the main purpose of the festival is to educate children into two core values of Judaism: Gratitude and Remembrance.

It also includes the following.

The Matzah

Matzah is bread that is not leaven. This symbolizes that man is in control over his emotions and his body. What makes bread is time. Learning no control ourselves is just a matter of paying attention at the right time.

No Chametz

Chametz also symbolizes the ego within us. Of course we have to get rid of the physical chametz, but this symbolizes ridding ourselves of our negative qualities. When we enter Pesach free of these negative qualities, we're are be able to reach higher levels.

The Seder Plate

The Seder Plate is the guide/summary of the story of Pesach. Each element symbolizes a specific happening of our journey out from Egypt. For example, charoset comes from the word cheres (clay) and represents the hard work we did as slaves.

Seven / Eight Days

The Festival of Pesach lasts for seven days in the Holy Land, with only one day of Yom Tov at the beginning and one at the end. Outside of Israel, however, the Festival lasts for eight days with two Yom Tovim at the beginning and two at the end.

The Afikoman

There is a fun tradition of hiding the Afikoman for the children to find. If they do, they get a gift. On a deeper level, the Afikoman represents the final redemption. Until it arrives, we hide the Afikoman to remind ourselves that complete redemption – the best – is yet to come.

The Four Cups

There are four expressions of redemption: I will take you, I will save you, I will redeem you, and I will take you as a nation. For each of these expressions, our sages instituted a toast. As we drink, we drink the cups, we have in mind that we were saved from harsh work, freed from slavery, crossed through the Sea, and became a nation when we received the Torah.

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