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A lot of people wonder the same question: “how to get your prayers answered by God”. It might sound selfish, but in reality it’s a perfectly reasonable query. And the truth is there are many important ideas to this issue But, in order to answer it, we need to first understand what prayer truly is.

This is one of the most important articles here at King David Kabbalah which can bring tremendous blessings to your life so follow it closely.

Continue reading this article in order to:

  1. Understand what prayer really is
  2. Know the mechanisms of prayer
  3. How God answers our prayers
  4. How to pray properly so you get answered


The greatest misconception in the history of mankind


Ever since the world was created, there has been a lot of confusion on how the relationship between God and mankind works. Sure enough, everyone with a little bit of sense knows we are here to serve Him and that we communicate through prayer. The world has a grand purpose and we are moving towards it by doing His will.

Most people know that the Creator is constantly present and eager to hear our prayers. Though we see that there are many who get everything they wish without praying, this is not necessarily a good thing, but we will need to have a separate article for that.

Unfortunately, prayer nowadays is something not viewed with good eyes. It has fallen to the sidelines of history in favor of the misguided idea that hard work is what really brings abundance.

Sure, one has to work, as that’s what Adam HaRishon was cursed with. Yet there are many people who can live easy lives by working only 2 hours every day and there are many people who can’t have enough money for the month even with a 16-hour workday.

What’s going on here? Shouldn’t people who work more receive more?

Sadly, even for those who have awaken from the illusion that it’s hard work that brings us blessings don’t see salvation coming.

And one of the main reason (but not the only one) people’s prayers are not answered is because they treat it as a wish list. And nothing could be further away from reality.

So, what to do when God doesn’t answer your prayers?


How it all works

As we studied in many places before, Hashem created many spiritual worlds and enclothed his infinite essence Ein Sof in them in order to reveal himself on different levels. These are the celestial worlds of Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah.

In all these worlds there are an infinite amount of levels to climb, each with its angels inhabiting them. The throne of Glory stays in the world of Beriah and it is there that our prayer needs to ascend in order to be “heard” by God.

Yet, there are angelic guardians at the entrances of the spiritual worlds. They allow certain things in and block certain things from getting in. It all depends on the merit of the one praying.

If his prayer is pure, focused, with joy and his words are pleasant, then the prayer passes. Otherwise, the Zohar writes that if the one praying is not worthy, then his prayer is “thrown to the dogs”, which is a reference to the Sitra Achra. 

There’s a very big misconception about prayer altogether. Some say that “if God is making you wait then be prepared to receive more than what you asked for”. That’s a very dangerous idea, which can lead many people to think that God owes them something or that they can hire Him. Thinking like that is an excellent recipe not to have your prayers answered at all.

The verb “to pray” in Hebrew is “L’hitpalel” which is reflexive in its nature. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev also teaches us that it’s related to “bringing judgment upon” oneself. What does that mean? Simply put, when you judge yourself, then you mitigate/sweeten the judgments upon yourself and the world. This way, Heaven doesn’t need to judge us harshly because when there’s judgement below, then there’s no need for judgment above!

This opens up a whole new understanding of what prayer really is and how to get God to answer it.


How God answers our prayers


Consider the day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This is one of the most important days because all the other days will be greatly influenced by it.

This is a day to which every person in the world should be thoroughly prepared. The gates of prayer are wide open and the King of Kings seat in the throne of Mercy with the shofar blasts.

I would like to add, that the sound of the shofar is also like a prayer. There are angels who want to block it from getting in. This spiritual voice is a potent prayer and we want the spiritual voice of the shofar to get in through those angels and into heaven.

But, as is customary for Jews in the Day of Judgment, in order to open the channel so our prayers (and the spiritual voice of the shofar) can get in through the angels and reach its destination within the spiritual worlds, we have to do something very important called Teshuva.

We prepare for this special day by fixing our character traits, making good resolutions and repairing what we broke, like appeasing to people whom we hurt.


How to get your prayers answered – if you are worthy

The answer to what we are all looking for is Teshuva. Pure and simple, Teshuva is the returning of our soul to its root-source of Infinite Power and Oneness. This is the Creator of the World, Hashem who is constantly supervising all of Creation.

In uniting our will with God’s will, then our prayer becomes powerful because we really have no self-interest in mind. This is not a foolproof advice since there are many factors involved, but makes a big difference.

But, what is Teshuva, really?

The Rambam defines in his Sefer Mishneh Torah what Teshuva is. The simple explanation of Teshuva is when a person:

  1. Understands that what he did until now was not good enough and stops doing whatever it was
  2. Regrets what he has done
  3. Accepts on him/her self to do better from now on.
  4. Verbally admits his wrongdoing to G-d

In doing so, we rid ourselves of the spiritual dirt we’ve been carrying and become real vessels to receive God’s blessings. This, of course, requires an intense effort but it can be achieved by everyone wishing to come close to the Creator.

And this is the single most important step in having your prayers answered by God. When we judge ourselves through prayer, we become worthy of having our request granted.

With the merit of taking on ourselves the responsibility and privilege to push ourselves higher, the angels that are guarding the gateways of heaven will open the gates and let our prayers (and the sound of the blowing of the shofar) come into the highest destination in the spiritual worlds.

This will make all of the judgments of the whole world sweetened.



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