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One time the Arizal told his students to go quickly to a certain address and give a certain poor person food and money.

They did as instructed and returned to the Ari. They asked him what was the meaning of this, there are many poor people in the city, why specifically this one?

He answered them that this person was praying to God and saying “God, why did you create the world? No one helps each other out, and no one is helping me. It would be better if you would not have created the world.” And more things like this.

The Ari saw that in heaven that this poor person prayer caused a great uproar and that it will cause a plague of locusts to come and eat the whole crop of Eretz Yisrael. This is why the Arizal hurried them to do it.

There is much to learn from this story, but let us pick out a few lessons.

  1. That the Ari could see what people are thinking and what is happening in heaven. There are (even in today’s day and age) people who can see beyond the regular plane of existence.
  2. We can learn to take people seriously and their needs. When you are helping someone out, you are causing amazing things to happen (Even though we might not be able to see it with our physical eyes)
  3. You should not arouse criticism in heaven with our prayers. so do not pray in a way of complaining bc that is causing criticism. This criticism can cause the accusing angels to cause a lot of harm. Rather, pray from a place of joy and gratitude.
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