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When performing Jewish meditation or praying or even saying a single beracha we are doing what is called to be Mevarer birurim in kabbalistic terms. This is a very deep secret that very few people know about and it’s related to the concept of Borer on Shabbat. Borer is a type of work where you remove something you want from something you don’t want.

In physical terms, this is forbidden on Shabbat and is one of the 39 Melakhot (Creative types of work). However, in spiritual terms, this is done constantly throughout one’s day (including on Shabbat). This is brought down from the Kabbalistic works throughout the ages. The intent then, is to separate and elevate what’s good from what’s bad (and rectify it).

For example: consider someone that is working in a kosher type of work and is bringing support to his family. This is surely a Mitzvah and in Kabbalistic terms, this is also a form a Birur. If the same person is doing the same thing, has extra Kavanah, knows the meaning of what he is doing, has the intention to do it properly and he’s doing it as part of his serving of Hashem then the effect this brings is much more powerful. All the more so if a person is doing it out of joy.

In this case, the Birurim will increase his spiritual strength to elevate more parts of holiness to their original place. As a consequence, we are hastening the Geulah (Final Redemption) even when doing what is apparently “mundane work”!

Thats in essence what we’re doing as we learn in classes. Paradigms are shattered, ideas flourish and with it a new intellect emerges for each and every one of us. Birur in this case means letting go of what’s blocking us, preventing us from reaching our true source and going higher, transcending our limitations.

This is true authentic Torah that can deeply transform your life.

When you apply that in your life in all that you do you will have more strength to do more birurim and to elevate more of the sparks that feel with the breaking of the vessels from the time of Creation. It is nothing less than the purpose of the world.

It is important to note that the kabbalistic meaning of time the structure is seemingly very simple, but it adds up and it becomes really complicated. What we are giving here is just a taste of its beauty.


Below are some principles for you to consider.

The biggest time frame that we can think of is the 6,000 years of the creation. After that we will enter the Great Shabbat, the 7th Milennium in which everything will experience a massive elevation.

The number six corresponds to the six sefirot Hesed Gevurah Tiferet Netzach Hod Yesod as follows:

  • 1 to year 1000 refers to Hesed
  • 1001 to year 2000 refers to Gevurah
  • 2001 to year 3000 refers to Tiferet
  • 3001 to year 4000 refers to Netzach
  • 4001 to year 5000 refers to Hod
  • 5001 to year 6000 refers to Yesod
  • 6001 to year 7000 refers to Malchut

Accordingly, we are currently in year 5780, and we know that up to year 6,000 is Yesod. This means that all these thousand years is thousand years of the Tikkun Hayesod. One shouldn’t be surprised that our generation suffers from blemishes in this Sefirah the most.

Now if you want, we can break it down more within these Thousand Years. 10 times 100 years. 10 times is simple it refers to the Ten Sefirot Keter Chochmah Binah Hesed Gevurah Tiferet Netzach Hod Yesod Malchut.

We did already seven and here we are within the 800 of the 6,000 (780). That’s the eigth Sefirah of Hod.

And so, we have the Yesod for the thousands. We have the Hod for the Hundreds. Now, when we go in the same direction the 100 years breaks to 10 units of ten years. The eigth part of this 100 year period is Hod. Finally, each group of 10 years is also divided into 10 and now, since we are in the last year of that group, that’s the Sefirah of Malkhut.

In summary: We are currently living in Malkhut of Hod of Hod of Yesod, this is what we are rectifying.

Sounds complicated? But wait, keep reading because there’s more!


We also have the time frame for a year.

How do we break up the 12 months? Each one of them is one of the tribes. Many of the sources explain the kabbalistic applications of the year and the month within the year. The mechanism can be complicated but let’s try to delve a little deeper.

Each and every month is broken down to weeks. With Rosh Chodesh we have four weeks of the month plus Rosh Chodesh, for a total of 5 Partzufim.

Whoever is familiar with the concepts Arich Anpin, Abba, Imma, Zeir Anpin Nikvah, you already know what this means.

Rosh Chodesh is in Keter (the first day being the internal aspect and the second the external).

Let’s go down to the day every week breaks to seven days: Hesed One, Gevurah two, Tiferet three, Netzach four, Hod five, Yesod six, Malchut seven.

Now, we have the 12 hours of the day 12 hours of the night. Ideally, it’s not even because the days and nights are divided depending on how long they are. So 1 hour in Jewish calculation is equal to the full time of night (or day) divided by 12. If, for example, the day has 18 hours (because it’s summer), then each hour will be 1.5 hours long (18/12).

It’s also important to note that there is the time of Gan Eden and there is the time of Earth.

In the time of Gan Eden the day and the night are always equal. In our time of down here on earth the day that borrows from the night and the night that is borrowing from the day. Hours of days are longer in summer and hours of night are longer in winter.

That’s the way it’s brought down in Holy Books, using this language of borrowing.


As we know, Nefesh is the closest to the body. The Nefesh is within the blood. When we want to understand what is our spiritual strength, starting point is the Nefesh that is within the physical blood.

Through that we can understand many things. For example, what is the meaning of eating and drinking? When a person is fasting, he becomes weaker. The reason is because when the blood doesn’t have the all the nutrition that it needs. The blood circulation is a little bit less and the pressure falls.

Here, we are not talking about the speed of the circulation but rather the spiritual quality. The nefesh that is the energy of the body will be also equal to that. Though the Nefesh will get weaker the purpose of the fast is to get to be strong in the nefesh and in our spirituality which eventually happens and that is why people feel reenergized the day after a fast. Yet at the time of the fast we are getting weaker. After the fast we are awarded that gift.

This is the concept of descending in order to ascend, we go down in order to be able to elevate higher. After weakening the body, we get strengthened. The same thing happens when we see people getting excited about something, the blood is rushing through the body.


Why does this happen?


Simply put, when the blood is rushing through the body the energy of the nefesh circulates in a higher pitch higher frequency. A person is then able to do more now that they have more strength from the side of his nefesh.

That’s how we work: anything that we want to do with our body, we need to connect to Nefesh and as much as we will be connected to that Nefesh it will be more useful and we will be able to use it better. Therefore the Birur process will be much faster and greater.

That’s how one goes up in to the spiritual worlds. First to connect to the nefesh. Then we have to connect to the ruach and Neshamah. We then sometimes feel the energy of the nefesh.

All of the people that are dealing with healing and all kinds of things are all in the level of nefesh soul. The proof is that people that aren’t so good to say the least will to do those things since they are only limited to the level of nefesh. That’s the lowest level, and the closest one to the realm of the Sitra Achra.

To get to the level of Ruach a person needs to work on himself and to do tikkunim and to elevate himself to a much higher spiritual level. Then the Ruach which is the level above the nefesh will function and cause its effect.

Don’t take this lightly! R’ Chaim Vital explains that very few people in every generation can reach the level of the Ruach and have it revealed. It requires tremendous work, but is something achiavable by the true seeker.

As far as I understand everybody has some Ruach but for most of them, it’s not functioning (revealed).

In order to make it really work we have to work on our self and use speech only for good purposes and to guard our tongue as much as we can. This is very hard work but once it’s done, then a person lives in a completely different world.

After activating our Ruach we can connect to the higher level of the Neshamah.


When we meditate we connect to the emotions. That should be the focus of our Tikkun.

We are starting with the physical body and the sensation of emotions because the emotions are connected with the Ruach. That’s where we want to get energy from.

As much as we are sensitive to our emotions and bringing up positive emotions, we are also affecting our ability to connect to our spiritual work.

For example, consider somebody who’s getting angry all the time. It’s one of the worst things for a person that is trying to develop his spirituality. When one is angry seriously he is getting carried away with his anger full-on he’s losing all of his spirituality in an instant.

When he is calming down it’s possible to gain it back but not necessarily. That’s why the effect of the anger on spiritual growth is very negative.

In this case, doing the work of Birur means taking away all of our negative emotions (like anger) in a healthy way, primarily through prayer.


Someone is getting angry and he’s full of anger and is about to do something with his anger then all of a sudden he hears a knock on the door.

Who is it? Maybe his mother his father his friend. Now he definitely cannot do what he was about to do! What happens in that moment is that he becomes conscious of how this fit of rage looks in their eyes. Isn’t it curious?

That’s a very powerful point, because all what we are about is consciousness as a major source of transformation. It doesn’t mean that he will automatically calm down. But he won’t be able to be in that level of anger. Same thing by the way with anything else in life.

Let’s say someone that is carried away with his lust and desire and is about to do something all of a sudden. There’s a knock on the door: Surprise!

He understands that he cannot do the sin and he becomes to be aware of what happened to him and what he’s doing . Now, obviously we want to be aware of ourselves without someone’s knocking on our door. We want the ones that are knocking on our door to come to be aware of us without anyone else interfering.

Our goal then is to increase our awareness of ourselves and our spiritual being. When someone is getting very angry he may sometimes starts to become aware of himself. Even while he is angry and he starts to have a debate within himself. His common sense and awareness are trying to cool him down and the side of the anger is trying to go full-on forward. Which will win?

This moment of becoming aware is similar to a person that is dreaming and all of a sudden becomes aware of the fact that he is dreaming. The same thing here, there’s something that is carrying you. It’s your consciousness on a higher level.


That person is observing the part of his awareness that is being carried away with anger.

This establishes the fact that there is part of yourself that is higher and is observing and is looking over the part that is being carried away. And that shows it isn’t you being carried away. And your higher level of consciousness is what we want to connect to.

If you have a strong grip of yourself then the higher self is controlling the lower. And then the lower cannot be pulled with all kinds of things of the world. In order to activate that ability one thing to do is to control to control our speech. We must be careful as much as possible not to say anything that is negative.

Another important thing is be we aware of our emotions and thoughts to notice them. Are they good? Bad?

There’s a whole war going on inside of us, but outside everything seems silent.

When the angry person’s mother knocks on the door or his friend knocks on the door, he’s not able to show what he wanted to do internally, but this is not real! This is not the self control that we want. We want the self-control to come from a higher level of our Consciousness!

That’s one of the main reasons why we’re praying so hard: to the Birurim in our minds.

In order to get access to the spiritual worlds, one needs to get control of his thoughts to be able to direct their energy to holy names and to visualize the letters of what he’s saying.

May we all merit to have full control of ourselves in order to expand our soul and experience Hashem’s wonderful Light!

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