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  • Curso online de meditaciones judías kabbalísticas de Janucá

    En este curso hay un paquete que incluye varias clases que explican algunas meditaciones simples sobre la iluminación de Janucá y el libro electrónico de Janucá en inglés, además de una increíble bonificación del Tikkun Zot Janucá hecho en su nombre, con todas las meditaciones cabalísticas. Ahora subsidiado para que más personas tengan la oportunidad de conectarse con Hashem, ¡por solo $ 89 gematria Janucá!

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    World Kabbalah Meditations

    Why do Kabbalah Meditation?

    • Bring light into your life, expand the amount of life and the feelings of light.
    • be brought to a whole different level of life.

    Learn how to know and feel Hashem’s presence in your life all day and all night.

    Everybody has something to gain from these teachings, because the course was designed with people of all levels in mind. The more you take these meditations, practice them, and integrate them into your life the more you will gain. If you do this, it will be a source of strength, happiness, joy and all the good things that you want to have in yourself.

    The more seriously you take it and set specific times in your day and your week to meditate,  the more you will get out of it.


    • Beginners to Advanced Kabbalah Students
    • Jews and Non-Jews alike

    The more you practice the meditations the more you will get out of it

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