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  • Pesach Special Package

    Pesach Special Package

    Get inspired and ready for one of the most important festivals in Jewish tradition. Pesach is the chag when we remember how Hashem redeemed us from Egypt and made us His Nation. Pesach has an emphasis on remembering but it also applies to our daily life. KingDavidKabbalah’s team prepared a package that includes:

    – Pesach’s Kabbalistic Secrets E-book

    – Compilation of Kabbalistic Pesach Videos  for you to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and incredible kabbalistic secrets.

    – The Kabbalistic Scope of Pesach: Special Podcast Edition

    Get knowledgable and inspired by this Pesach Package and experience Pesach at a whole different level.



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  • Shekalim and Adar (Versión Español)

    Existe la obligación de la Torá de que
    todo judío participe en la mitzvá de
    contribuir con medio siclo (Shemos
    30:15). Tenemos la tradición de esta
    donación en el mes de Adar, para
    que los fondos estuvieran listos para
    usar en el mes de Nisan (que es el
    mes que sigue)

    ¡Rabí Shimshon Chaim hizo una promesa y la cumple!
    Sentimos que es una gran oportunidad para aprender del Sefer Zera Shimshon,
    durante estos dos meses para realzar nuestro Purim este año IY”H

  • Yurtzait of the Rashash

    Rabbi Shalom Shalom Sharabi (The Rashash)

    The Rashash was born in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital. He emigrated to the Holy Land but decided to keep his greatness hidden from the public. Rabbi Sharabi went to the Bet-El yeshiva in Jerusalem where he asked Rabbi Gedalia Chayon, dean of the yeshiva, for a job as a shammash. Rabbi Gedalia gave him the work, which consisted of keep things in order and wake up the students for diverse prayers. Since it was a simple job, no one had a clue on who this great scholar was.

    One day, a question arose in the hall of study with no answer. Rabbi Gedalia was very disappointed by not being able to find the answer. After all the students left, The Rashash, went and wrote the answer on one of Rabbi Gedalia’s books. The next day Rabbi Gedalia couldn’t believe it and he attributed it to divine providence but these acts continued to repeat themselves. One day, the Rosh Yeshiva’s daughter saw The Rashash leaving the note in the book and went straight to her dad’s. The Rashash had to admit his authorship and started to be revealed as the great Torah scholar he was.

    After Rabbi Gedalia’s passing, the Rashash took the leadership of Bet El yeshiva at the age of 27. Among his students were the Maharit Algazi and The Chida, who later became Rosh Yeshivas themselves. Within the Rashash most remarkable texts are the commentary on the Etz Chaim and the Siddur HaRashash. The Rashash passed away the 10 of Shevat 5537 at the age of 57 in Jerusalem.


    What great scholars said about The Rashash:


    • “Whoever learns Etz Chaim without the Rashash commentary is like a blind man” -Rabbi Abulafia
    • “The soul of the Rashash is that of the holy Ari” – Rabbi Chaim Pelaji
    • “One can know by hear all of the writings of the Arizal but if you did not learn the works of the Rashash you have not yet entered into the study of Kabbalah” – Rabbi Kaduri


    Rabbi Shepherd will go to the tomb on the yurtzait and will daven for you. Your donation will be much appreciated and will be used as tzedaka and as a mean to continue spreading the Torah. 

  • Parashat HaMan (English Edition)

    Rabbi Menachem Mendel de Reminov zt’l revealed the power of reading Shnayim Mikra v’echad Targum on Parashat HaMann. It is a powerful segulah for parnassah and yeshuot. The segulah of Parashat HaMan is read once a year on the third day (Tuesday) of Parashat Beshalach.

    Some people have the minhag (tradition) of donating 90 to charity organizations since the gematria of the word Mann is 90. Consider donate to King David Kabbalah, this donation will be used as tzdaka and for the continuation of the projects to spread Torah all over the world. Rabbi Shepherd will happily pray for up to 5 names per donation.

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  • -100%
    Product image

    Yom Kippur Mini Course

    Free Yom Kippur preparation mini-course

    inclosed 3 Ebooks on Yom Kippur

  • Chavakuk 3 english and spanish

    Reading of this prayer is reputed to “shake the rafters” of Heaven, increasing the probability of bringing down abundance.

    Segulah might be translated as a spiritual omen or an auspicious tradition. It is used in the phrase Am Segulah, a treasured nation (Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 7:6, 14:2, 26:18), referring to a special relationship Hashem has us.

    A segulah may be understood to be something that exemplifies a treasured connection with Hashem by doing extra, delves deeply into its wisdom, and grow within our beings in the process

    An important purpose of the segulah is to connect to Hashem.

    In our times we need ‘divrie chizuk’ we need understanding, and many have found it when reading Nach (Neviim, Prophets) through the commentaries of this prayer this passage we see how things fold out.

    To many even though it is difficult it is still soothing and promising

  • Segulot and Kabalistic Prayers

    A comprehensive compilation of different segulot and kabbalistic prayers for healing in times of plagues.

    ebook in color and over 140 pages

    includes kabbalistic meditations, Prayers, Cameas and Segulot from many different Rabbis and Kabbalists

    what is here is a temporary file It is currently being edited and more segulot Besrat Hashem will hopefully be added!

    If you like the E-books, we would like to request that you send a small donation to offset production cost. Thank You

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  • SAVE ME from death! the SEGOLAH of Kimcha DePischa

    Are you looking for a Segulah that will get you out of this pandemic safety? Would you like to have blessings for yourselves and families through this world crisis? Do you want Torah Scholars to pray for you on the holiest place on earth? read below how it all comes together with your contributions that will help some poor Torah Scholars to bring Joy to their homes and Families.

  • Ketores Pidyon Halfshekel donation

    In order to really receive the blessing of Hashem, each one should give according to his ability.

    Today before Mincha Here in Kever Dovid Hamelech we will be doing Tikkun haketoret kabbalistic protection against the coronavirus with a minyan,(has many extra values when done with 10 Torah scholars together) along with Pidyon nefesh and the Tikun of ta-anit Esther. 

    This is a great opportunity we are giving you to share with us! by donating here

    this can be also used for donating presents to the poor on Purim please write a note if is for that

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