• Month of Blessings and Prayers from the Kabbalists 0 (0)

    The Kabbalists at the Kabbalistic Yeshiva Nefesh HaChaim on Mount Zion will pray for the wellbeing and livelihood of those who give charity through this site and their families.


    • A big segula (Omnisitant Oman) for livelihood

    remmeber to Add the names of those you would like us to pray for in the Order notes during checkout


    BONUS: Donate now and you will be prayed for in the Hillulah of Baba Sali! by one of the Rabbi’s from Yeshivat Nefesh HaChaim.

  • Pidyon Nefesh 0 (0)

    We are doing a Pidyon Nefesh on Erev Rosh Hashanah and Erev Yom Kippur.

    also during the rest of the year if there is a need
    If you would like us to do it on your behalf, please join

    Special Pidyon Nefesh according to Reb Chaim Vital and the Rashash.

    Its segula is to protect yourself and family and have the blessing of Hashem.

    Every person who does it can add your name and names of family and we will read out the names of you and your family in the special ceremony in King Davids Tomb.

    (possibility to be done year-round)

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  • Segulah for Erev Pesach 0 (0)

    Segulah for Protection

  • Ketores Pidyon Halfshekel donation 0 (0)

    In order to really receive the blessing of Hashem, each one should give according to his ability.

    Today before Mincha Here in Kever Dovid Hamelech we will be doing Tikkun haketoret kabbalistic protection against the coronavirus with a minyan,(has many extra values when done with 10 Torah scholars together) along with Pidyon nefesh and the Tikun of ta-anit Esther. 

    This is a great opportunity we are giving you to share with us! by donating here

    this can be also used for donating presents to the poor on Purim please write a note if is for that

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  • Maaser 0 (0)

    In order to really receive the blessing of Hashem, each one should give according to his ability.

    This is exactly the idea of maaser, that you give 10-20 % of your income on a regular basis for tzedakah.

    It was said by many big and righteous rabbis throughout the generations that the best option for tzedaka is for poor people that are learning Torah in Yerushalayim specifically.

    Your donation goes toward those poor people who are learning Torah here in King David’s tomb in the holy city of Yerushalayim.

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  • Tikkun Niftarim 0 (0)

    A gift of elevation to the soul of your loved ones.

    Private Tikkun where a minian will pray for the soul of this person for the whole night, a minimum of $1000.00

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  • Get extra Help for your Tikkun 0 (0)

    After fulfilling the basic requirement of Teshuva, by looking into the depths of your heart and making a strong decision of following the way of Hashem.  Letting go of all the bad habits of lust and desires.

    After following in the footsteps of the Ariza”l and Rabbi Yehudah Pattaya, as we have written in the book Vidduy of Rabbi Pataya Tikkun Shovavim, if you would like to make your Tikkun stronger and more significant instead of just redeeming the fast days to someone who does not understand the meaning of it all. you may decide to give the redemption money to the Kabbalist Yeshiva in KingDavids Tomb and reap the benefits of the mekubalim that will pray for you and for your tikkun in the holiest place of the Jewish people (until the Beis Hamikdash will be built soon in our days beesrat Hashem).

    (You can donate to any tzdakah you like. and the Tikkun is still good)

    Please fill in the amount you would like to donate and click DONATE


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  • Sale!

    King David Kabbalah survival guide 0 (0)

    What to do in the times of Plagues to stay safe?

    Kabbalistic Understanding and Remedies for all times and specifically in the current plague 

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    $7.00 $2.00
  • Obtenga ayuda adicional para su Tikkun 0 (0)

    Después de cumplir con los requisitos básicos de Teshuvá, observando las profundidades de su corazón y tomando la firme decisión de seguir el camino de Hashem. Dejando ir todos los malos hábitos de la lujuria y los deseos.

    Después de seguir los pasos de Ariza “l y el rabino Yehudah Pattaya, como hemos escrito en el libro Vidduy del rabino Pataya Tikkun Shovavim, (Descarga gratis)

    si desea hacer que su Tikkun sea más fuerte y significativo en lugar de simplemente canjear los días rápidos por alguien que no entiende el significado de todo. puedes decidir dar el dinero de la redención a la Yeshiva cabalista en la Tumba de KingDavids y cosechar los beneficios de los mekubalim que rezarán por ti y por tu tikkun en el lugar más sagrado del pueblo judío (hasta que Beis Hamikdash se construya pronto en nuestro días beesrat Hashem).

    (Puedes donar a cualquier tzdakah que quieras. Y el Tikkun sigue siendo bueno)


    Please fill in the amount you would like to donate and click DONATE


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  • Tikkun HaKetoret (The Incense Offering Recitation) 0 (0)

    Have R’ Yaakov Shepherd recite the Tikkun HaKetoret in your name, either alone or in a Minyan.

    The Tikkun HaKetoret substitutes the daily incense offering that was performed in the Holy Temple. It’s a very powerful segulah for health and sustenance.

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  • Kaddish Prayer 0 (0)

    Have Rabbi Yaakov say the Kaddish for a loved one for the elevation of his soul. The Kaddish, when properly said by someone who knows the Kavanot of the Rashash can be a tremendous source of relief for the dead even if he was not a righteous person.

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    $99.00$2,600.00 / day
  • Pidyon Kapparot 0 (0)

    Kapparot according to the most authoritative sources, according to the Kabbalah.

    Provides atonement for sins of the year.

    Because of all the technical difficulties of actually performing the Kapparot yourself, there are many people who do Pidyon Kapparot, which means that a person gives the value of how much the Kapparot would cost to charity and then they do a prayer that comes instead of Kapparot and are included within the prayers of Yom Kippur.

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  • King David’s Olive Oil 0 (0)

    Special olive oil from the land of Israel.

    Grown near Jerusalem in an ancient olive orchard, this oil is 100% olive oil.

    In the making of the oil, all of the Mitzvot were performed. These include Terumah, Maaser, Orlah, Sheviis, and many others. This makes the oil truly a product of the land of Israel.

    It golden appearance and the pure flame it produces makes it perfect for Sabbath Candles and a Ner Tamid.

    The rich taste of the oil makes it perfect for salads and dressings.

  • Kabbalistic Protection – Segulah Salt 0 (0)

    This salt is blessed by kabbalists. There is a special segulah that while a kabbalist is saying the sefirat haomer, to hold salt and say a special prayer. This imbues the salt with special protective properties.

    Rabbi Yakov Shepherd, Rosh Yeshiva and Head Kabbalist, performed this special mystical ritual and said the special kabbalistic prayers thereby imbuing this salt with protective properties.

    Every day through the 49 days of sefirat haomer this salt was blessed, and this ritual performed.

    Special protective salt.

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