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  • Shekalim and Adar (Versión Español)

    Existe la obligación de la Torá de que
    todo judío participe en la mitzvá de
    contribuir con medio siclo (Shemos
    30:15). Tenemos la tradición de esta
    donación en el mes de Adar, para
    que los fondos estuvieran listos para
    usar en el mes de Nisan (que es el
    mes que sigue)

    ¡Rabí Shimshon Chaim hizo una promesa y la cumple!
    Sentimos que es una gran oportunidad para aprender del Sefer Zera Shimshon,
    durante estos dos meses para realzar nuestro Purim este año IY”H

  • Shekalim Segulah

    A special e-book extracted from the teachings of the kabbalistic book Zera Shimshon on the meaning of the shekalim and their relationship to Am Yisrael.

    We ask you to do your contribution to our project.

    Anyone who takes upon themselves to learn from his writing are promised blessings of, children, health (life), parnassa (sustenance), and satisfaction in the next world.

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  • Shiva Kor Tay Brit

    Bring Together ten Jews if posible Talmidei Chachamim (Torah Scholoars). They should all accept on themselves a fast and to go to the Mikve. Together they will read and pray all sefer Tehillim.

    There is a certain extra prayer that is called Shiva Kor tay Brit, which is similar to that of the ushpizin  of Sukkot.

    The 10 men will go around the bima 7 times and say special prayers with special kabbalistic meditations.

    This Tikkun is done in many places and is an age-old custom.

    That in itself is a big thing and can bring salvations.

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  • Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar Segula

    3 x 1

    Big Segula Opportunity


    The  fast should be done on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar and read sefer Tehilim.

    In we know it is sometimes hard to fast and finish Tehilim on the same day. With your donation a kabbalist from Rabbi Shepherd’s yeshiva will do the fasting and tikunim for you. Your donation will be used for the, coming soon, project of kiruv in Jerusalem.


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  • Tikkun of Ta’anit Esther

    Special Tikkun for Taanit Esther.

    For redeeming the Shechina from exile.

    For a personal redemption for you.

    On the day of Taanit Esther, before Mincha, it is customary that each person gives a commemoration of the half shekel to Tzedaka. Some people give $45, some give $15, and some give 3 half dollars.

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