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  • Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar Segula

    3 x 1

    Big Segula Opportunity


    The  fast should be done on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar and read sefer Tehilim.

    In kingdavidkabbalah.com we know it is sometimes hard to fast and finish Tehilim on the same day. With your donation a kabbalist from Rabbi Shepherd’s yeshiva will do the fasting and tikunim for you. Your donation will be used for the, coming soon, project of kiruv in Jerusalem.


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  • Tikún HaklalÍ Español

    Tikún HaklalÍ en Español

    Hebreo con traducción y transliteración al Español

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  • Tikkun for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu

    Kabbalistic Tefilla in the merit of Moshe Rabenu for the Redemption Tikkun for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu, 7th of Adar. This Tikkun is special for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu but may be said at any time, a segula for salvations

    Tefilá cabalística en el mérito de Moshe Rabbeinu por el Tikkun de redención para el Yahrtzeit de Moshe Rabenu, 7 de Adar Este Tikkun es especial para el Yartzite de Moshe Rabenu pero se puede decir en cualquier momento, una segula para salvaciones.

    Com sua compra gratuita você receberá o download do e-book em 3 idiomas inglês espanhol e português

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  • Tikkun for Healing Joy and Happiness, on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar

    Segulah for Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar, fill the donation as listed in the description below

  • Strengthening the unity and love of Israel

    Free Pdf Ebook available in English Spanish Portuguese French (soon) and Hebrew in the same link!

    Libro electrónico en formato PDF gratuito disponible en inglés, español, portugués y hebreo

    Ebook Pdf grátis disponível em Inglês Espanhol Português e Hebraico

    ספר PDF אלקטרוני בחינם זמין באנגלית ספרדית פורטוגזית ועברית

  • Segulot and Kabalistic Prayers

    A comprehensive compilation of different segulot and kabbalistic prayers for healing in times of plagues.

    ebook in color and over 140 pages

    includes kabbalistic meditations, Prayers, Cameas and Segulot from many different Rabbis and Kabbalists

    what is here is a temporary file It is currently being edited and more segulot Besrat Hashem will hopefully be added!

    If you like the E-books, we would like to request that you send a small donation to offset production cost. Thank You

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  • King David Kabbalah survival guide

    What to do in the times of Plagues to stay safe?

    Kabbalistic Understanding and Remedies for all times and specifically in the current plague 

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  • Free Tikun haketores with Transliterations Hebrew / English

    This prayer has its foundations in the Zohar Parasha Vayakel and the Sha’ar Kavanot of the Arizal.

    The Zohar, in Vayakel’s portion, goes into great detail and praises the Ketoret. The Zohar says: “It is written that Hashem decreed that anyone who contemplates and reads the letters of Ketoret’s portion will be saved from curses, black magic, any harm, bad thoughts, bad judgment, death, and even negative forces will not be able to affect him”

    Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said: “If people knew how tall Ketoret’s order was, they would take each word in a golden crown and place it on their heads.”

    The Tikkun HaKetoret has been proven to be very reliable and effective for many types of situations

    Some of the benefits of saying the Tikkun Ketoret

    • Life
    • Parnasa
    • Health
    • Happiness
    • Removing Plagues from towns
    • Goodness

    Saying the Tikkun Ketoret can save you from

    • evil eye
    • death
    • Plagues

    • Viduy for Tikkunim of Rabbi Pattaya

      After fulfilling the basic requirement of Teshuva, by looking into the depths of your heart and making a strong decision of following the way of Hashem.  Letting go of all the bad habits of lust and desires.

      After following in the footsteps of the Ariza”l and Rabbi Yehudah Pattaya, as we have written in the book Vidduy of Rabbi Pataya Tikkun Shovavim you can download it here free of charge. (you will receive both English and Spanish versions) if you would like to

      make your Tikkun stronger and more significant go here

      Hay que hacer un punto importante. Estos tikkunim son para la corrección del alma. Esto no significa que no debes hacer también Teshuvá. También debes hacer teshuvá. Los tikkunim son para después de que ya hayas hecho teshuvá y ahora quieras arreglar tu alma.

      Como hemos escrito en el libro electrónico Vidduy del rabino Pataya Tikkun Shovavim, puede descargarlo aquí de forma gratuita.

      si desea hacer que su Tikkun sea más fuerte y más significativo, vaya aquí

      La base del tikkunim es ayunar. Para cada pecado, hay una cantidad prescrita de días de ayuno.

      Estos ayunos no necesitan hacerse consecutivamente. Cada ayuno si desde Alos Hashachar hasta Tseis Hakochavim. (Antes del amanecer hasta el anochecer).

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