This prayer has its foundations in the Zohar Parasha Vayakel and the Sha’ar Kavanot of the Arizal.

The Zohar, in Vayakel’s portion, goes into great detail and praises the Ketoret. The Zohar says: “It is written that Hashem decreed that anyone who contemplates and reads the letters of Ketoret’s portion will be saved from curses, black magic, any harm, bad thoughts, bad judgment, death, and even negative forces will not be able to affect him”

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said: “If people knew how tall Ketoret’s order was, they would take each word in a golden crown and place it on their heads.”

The Tikkun HaKetoret has been proven to be very reliable and effective for many types of situations

Some of the benefits of saying the Tikkun Ketoret

  • Life
  • Parnasa
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Removing Plagues from towns
  • Goodness

Saying the Tikkun Ketoret can save you from

  • evil eye
  • death
  • Plagues