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    Sichat Malachei HaSharet שיחת מלאכי השרת 0 (0)

    Sichat Malachei HaSharet
    שיחת מלאכי השרת

    Authored by Rabbi Tzadok haKohen Rabinowitz of Lublin translated into English by Rabbi Peretz and Rabbi Passon of the Kabbalistic Yeshiva Nefesh HaChaim

    first, of three volumes, this ebook contains the first 2 chapters of the original book translated to English a little under 200 pages

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  • Sefer HaRazim – The Book of Secrets 0 (0)

    Sefer HaRazim – Ebook

    Part of a new series of ancient kabbalah books newly refurbished.


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  • Printable PDF of Tefilat HaShlah 0 (0)

    The FULL Prayer of the Shlah for Children also to be born and also for the ones that have been born to be healthy happy and most important go in the way of Hashem.  This prayer was formulated by a big Kabbalist from the 1600s, the words of the prayer have special weight to them and can if used in the right way bring good life for your children. there are 2 pdf’s one that is English/Hebrew and the other Spanish/Hebrew, without commentary.  If you like the books, there is an optional donation to offset production costs.  Printable PDF

    oración imprimible gratis del Shlah HaKadosh en español