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Tikkun HaKetoret (The Incense Offering Recitation)


Luz secreta – Auténticas Meditaciones Judías Cabalistas del Arizal y el Rashash para Janucá

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Chanukah Kabbalisitic Jewish Meditations E-Course


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In this course is a package that includes several classes that explain a few simple meditations on the lighting of Chanukah Candles & Chanukah ebook in English, Plus an amazing bonus of the Tikkun Zot Chanukah done on your behalf, with all the Kabbalisitic Meditations. Now subsidized so that more people will have the opportunity to connect to Hashem,  for only 89$ gematria Chanukah!


Kabbalistic mediations Rabbis Shepherd brings ancient wisdom to life, making it understandable and interesting.

The holiday of Chanukah, while not a Yom Tov per se, has tremendous potential for elevation. The Ari HaKadosh and many other great Kabbalists have written extensively on the immense lights that Hashem makes available for use in these 8 days.

Are you in need of sustenance? Maybe health? What about children or a spouse? Chanukah is called the festival of lights because it has the power to bring all blessings that one needs in life!

Join this fascinating short course with R’ Yaakov Shepherd to learn how to make the most of Chanukah. Here we will learn easy and potent meditations, how to draw down sheffa (abundance) to your life and elevate yourself too much greater spiritual heights!

  1. The First Ebook is the  Secret Light ebook  Advanced Jewish Meditations of Chanukah [if you have already bought the ebook email us for a discount]
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  2. The Second Ebook is an amazing ‘chidush’ it is the “Sha-ar HaKavanot” (Gates of Meditations) of the Ariza”l on Chanukah translated to English with Pictorial explanations.
  3. 9 Exclusive Videos of Kabbalistic concepts and Jewish Meditations of Chanukah
  4. MP4 Audio Guided Meditations for Chanukah for enjoyable listening to reach spiritual heights
  5. Tikkun Zot Chanukah done on your behalf!!!!


The final day of Chanukah is customarily called Zos/Zot Chanukah, The name Zot Chanukah is based on a phrase from that day’s Torah reading,“Zot hanukat hamizbeach” and literally means “This is Chanukah.” Zot means something so clear as if you could point to it with your finger, and say: “THIS” is …

EIGHT represents the step beyond nature, Brit MILA (circumcision) on the 8th day represents the challenge to go beyond how we were created and complete our physical and spiritual form. Our Mikdash started on the EIGHTH day. Torah was given to us on the day following seven sevens.  EIGHTH. The Greeks tried to take all these from us; Brit Mila, our Avodah in the Mikdash, and The Holy Torah. Since these are the pillars of our connection with Hashem! Hashem helped, we prevailed over the Greeks in a miraculous manner & this is celebrated with the 8 days of Chanukah. The eighth day of  Chanukah is ZOT CHANUKAH.

This is a clear time for miracles and salvations by doing the Special Tikkun of Zos Chanukah we can achieve the full potential of this auspicious time, and when we add the kabbalistic meditations with it I have no doubt that it can break any barriers between us and Hashem!


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