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Shekalim and Adar (Versión Español)


Kabbalah and Jewish Meditations from scratch- ebook

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Advanced Kabbalistic Meditations of Chanukah ebook


Channukah ebook includes

  • Kaavanot (Jewish Meditations) of the Arizal of Channukah
  • Kabbalistic explanations of Channukah
  • Kabbalistic explanation of the mitzvot of Channukah
  • Additional prayers for Channukah
  • Hebrew and English parts

This EBook is also included in the Advanced Meditations of Chanukah packaged Course along with another amazing ebook and exclusive Kabbalah videos and guided meditations.


Everything you need to know about Channukah!

This amazing ebook was written by Rabbi Yakov Shepherd and is filled with wisdom and spirituality.

Includes Kabalistic meditations of the Berachos and the meditations of the candles.

To bring more spirituality into your Channukah.

Through Kabbalistic Jewish mediations, Rabbis Shepherd brings ancient wisdom to life, making it understandable and interesting.

The holiday of Chanukah, while not a Yom Tov per se, has tremendous potential for elevation. The Ari HaKadosh and many other great Kabbalists have written extensively on the immense lights that Hashem makes available for use in these 8 days.

Are you in need of sustenance? Maybe health? What about children or a spouse? Chanukah is called the festival of lights because it has the power to bring all blessings that one needs in life!


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