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Kabbalistic Tu B’Shvat Seder for Noahides ‘hagada’


Keeping Kosher in a NonKosher World | English

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Free Parashat HaMan E-book


We all know how important tefilla is to our lives and to Hashem.  The more we cry out to Hashem and the more kavana we have in our daily tefilla the more siyata de shmaya we see from Hashem. Get the full text for the Parshas Haman segula here, as well as a short introduction.  


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Segula for Parnasa

It was Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov who advised us to say the verses on the Tuesday before Parshas Beshalach, reading the original Hebrew twice, and the Aramaic translation once.

The power of “Parshas HaMann” in general is noted in many halachic sources.

The Tur put is most simply when he wrote (in Orech Chaim A): “It’s good to recite the Parshas HaMan”



    “Yeshivas Hamekubalim Nefesh Hachaim” merits being located in Yerushalayim on Har Tzion adjacent to Kever David Hamelech. The yeshiva is a pioneer in publishing siddurim and machzorim with the Kavanot of the Arizal specially geared to the beginner. Our siddurim are printed in an unabridged, clear format. They include instructions, introductions, and various customs written in a  clear and easy style specified for our day and age. They also feature various prayers, intentions, charts and expanded Roshei Teivos to assist those wishing to enter these gates of wisdom. All this is done with nice fonts and typesettings which facilitate easy reading. Many of those who got used to our siddurim claim they cannot substitute it for any other kind.

     Throughout the years we’ve expanded the repertoire of seforim we publish to incorporate a few types of siddurim, machzorim, tikun chatzot, and pamphlets on various subjects. We also plan on publishing B’ezrat Hashem, a Tehilim, seforim on halachot and customs, commentaries on the Arizal’s writing and other Kabbalah seforim, Siddurim for women, Seder for Hoshana Raba night, shavuos night, Shvi’i Shel Pesach, books on segulos and personal prayers, a book of songs for Shabbos and festivals, Seder for Chanukas Habayit, Seder for a Brit Yitzchak,  and prayers for the illui neshama of the niftarim. “Yeshivas Hamekubalim Nefesh Hachaim” merits encouragement from gedolei Torah of our generation and is specially endorsed by Rabbi Yitzchak Goldstein Shlit”a Rosh Yeshiva of Diaspora Yeshiva.

we are giving you this segulah in a nice readable form for zikuy rabim


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