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Free Tikun haketores with Transliterations Hebrew / English


This prayer has its foundations in the Zohar Parasha Vayakel and the Sha’ar Kavanot of the Arizal.

The Zohar, in Vayakel’s portion, goes into great detail and praises the Ketoret. The Zohar says: “It is written that Hashem decreed that anyone who contemplates and reads the letters of Ketoret’s portion will be saved from curses, black magic, any harm, bad thoughts, bad judgment, death, and even negative forces will not be able to affect him”

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said: “If people knew how tall Ketoret’s order was, they would take each word in a golden crown and place it on their heads.”

The Tikkun HaKetoret has been proven to be very reliable and effective for many types of situations

Some of the benefits of saying the Tikkun Ketoret

  • Life
  • Parnasa
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Removing Plagues from towns
  • Goodness

Saying the Tikkun Ketoret can save you from

  • evil eye
  • death
  • Plagues


    Free Tikun haketores with Transliterations Hebrew / English

    Rabbi Biniyahu Shmueli asked that everyone read the ketores to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

    full version

    Ketoret is the incense that was brought in the Beit Hamikdash. The portions of the Torah that speak about the incense offering are called Parshat HaKetoret. The Tikkun Ketoret [also called The Ketoret Prayer] is based on this Torah portion.

    In this Tikkun, the segulot and kavanot have been inherited and arranged as a unit that has been tested and approved by the great Tzadikim, so it can bring many blessings


    A story about the power of Tikkun Ketoret

    I know a man named Menashe.

    He always looked for all types of Segulot, and Kabbalistic prayers.

    He would wake up at 3 in the morning to spend two to three hours saying all types of prayers, and Kabbalistic segulot before Shacharit. Some he would say forwards and backward, some prayers he would say 3 times, some prayers he would say 7 times. Many many prayers.

    Menashe went to the Rosh Yeshiva of Bet El [one of the biggest and well know kabbalistic Yeshivot in Yerushalayim], Rabbi Yisrael Avichai, who is one of the biggest Kabbalists alive today, and told him all that he is doing.

    Rabbi Avichai told him “It is very nice what you are doing, but instead, go to Rabbi Yakov Shepherd and have him teach you the Tikkun Ketoret. It includes all of your segulot and more. Stop saying all your three hours of segulot and kabbalists prayers, just concentrate on the Tikkun Ketoret that Rabbi Shepherd will teach you”.

    (I felt honored and humbled that Rabbi Avichai, who is my teacher of Kabbalah, sent someone to me to learn the Tikkun Ketoret)

    Why should he stop? Why should he only concentrate on the Tikkun Ketoret?

    This is because the Ketoret contains all of the segulot for whatever you may need.

    Tikkun Ketoret Español click here there is also a free Spanish version


    If you need:

    • money
    • harmonious family life
    • Shidduchim
    • health
    • happiness
    • healing
    • whatever you may need…

    The Tikkun Ketoret is a segula for it all.


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