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Kabbalistic Purim ebook – Second Edition (SALE)


45 pages

Kabbalistic understanding of the laws and customs of Purim.

Second edition – Expanded and updated

Includes Megilat Esther and Birchat Hamazon.

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It is well known that Purim is connected to Yom Kippur [Zohar]. That is very difficult to understand. Why is Purim similar to Yom Kippur? How come Purim which the Rabbi’s instituted is connected to the holiest day of the year? What is the deeper understanding of this Holiday?

Also, there are many customs leading up to Purim that needs explanation. What is with the 4 parshiot that we read before and after Purim? Did you ever think about it?

Also what is with the giving of the half-Shekel? What is the explanation of the half-Shekel?

What about the costumes? Why do we get dressed up?

The name Purim is named after the lottery that Haman the Wicked drew. Why do we name one of our holidays after something evil that Haman did?

How are we supposed to approach the fast of Esther? What is the right mindset and intentions to have for the fast of Esther?

Most perplexing of all, why do we get so drunk? If it is a holy day, shouldn’t we spend it fasting and in prayer? Or even if you want to say that we as Jews believe in using the wold for holiness, then we should treat it like Shabbat or Chag with a festive meal.

Why get drunk until you are unintelligible and stupid …?


Find out the answers to all of these and more in this ebook. Based on deep and true Kabbalistic sources this ebook will change your Purim.



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