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Tikkun Niftarim


Tikkun HaKetoret (The Incense Offering Recitation)

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Kaddish Prayer


Have Rabbi Yaakov say the Kaddish for a loved one for the elevation of his soul. The Kaddish, when properly said by someone who knows the Kavanot of the Rashash can be a tremendous source of relief for the dead even if he was not a righteous person.

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The Kaddish is the famous Jewish Prayer for the relief and elevation of the dead.

It is written in the Holy Kabbalah Books that it is a great relief for a deceased person to have someone say the Kaddish on their behalf. Not only is the Kaddish a powerful way of relieving the suffering of the dead, but even for those who are already in the Garden of Eden receive an extra elevation.

With this service, R’ Yaakov Shepherd will say the Kaddish for the elevation of the dead. But not just say the Kaddish simply, he will use the special Kavanot of the Rashash (Rabbi Shalom Sharabi) Zt”l which make it much more potent.

This is a unique gift one can give for a loved one who passed away as there’s no comparison between one who says Kaddish simply to one who says it with the Kavanot of the Rashash.

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