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Keeping Kosher in a NonKosher World | English


4th edition Keeping Kosher in a nonKosher World concise and precise book on kosher laws in a question-answer format.

This book presented direct, sufficient answers to any possible question that anyone would have about kashrut. The information is in a question-answer format. While you will undoubtedly find the answer to your questions.

~100 pages


Rabbi Wolff has composed a wonderful book that is easy to read and understand. All the concepts in the book are richly educational. The topics covered are concise but extensive enough to cover almost every problem or question you might come across.

The book was translated into multiple languages including Russian.  Keeping Kosher In A Non-kosher World was written in order to help Jews keep the Laws of Kashrus (Jewish Dietary Laws). Jewish Law does not change based on geographical location. The same laws apply to whether one lives in San Francisco, California; Brooklyn, New York; or Glasgow, Scotland.

The topic headings are as follows:

1 Drinking coffee in a non-kosher restaurant.
2,3 Eating in a vegetarian restaurant.
4 Buying fish in non-kosher fish stores.
5,6 Buying fruit and juice in non-kosher stores.
7-10 Laws pertaining to a dishwasher.
11-13 Laws pertaining to a stovetop.
14-17 Laws pertaining to an oven.
18-20 Laws pertaining to microwave ovens.
21-22 Laws concerning Cholov Yisroel.
23-25 Bread baked by Jews and non-Jews.
26 Using and kashering a toaster.
27 Cheese made by non-Jews.
28-30 Food cooked by non-Jews.
31 A non-Jew working in the kitchen.
32-35 Kashering utensils.
36-39 Laws concerning dipping utensils in a mikveh.
40-41 Laws concerning buying kosher meat.
42-43 Foods requiring Rabbinic supervision.
44 Definition of ‘glatt kosher’. What is Glatt Kosher mean?
45 Laws concerning old and new flour.


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