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SAVE ME from death! the SEGOLAH of Kimcha DePischa

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Ketores Pidyon Halfshekel donation


In order to really receive the blessing of Hashem, each one should give according to his ability.

Today before Mincha Here in Kever Dovid Hamelech we will be doing Tikkun haketoret kabbalistic protection against the coronavirus with a minyan,(has many extra values when done with 10 Torah scholars together) along with Pidyon nefesh and the Tikun of ta-anit Esther. 

This is a great opportunity we are giving you to share with us! by donating here

this can be also used for donating presents to the poor on Purim please write a note if is for that

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All of the numbers that we wrote is optional. The truth of the matter is to really receive the blessing of Hashem each one should give according to his ability.

It was said by many big and righteous rabbis throughout the generations that the best option for tzedaka is for poor people that are learning Torah in Yerushalayim specifically.

Your donation goes toward those poor people who are learning Torah here in King David’s tomb in the holy city of Yerushalayim.


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