Resisei Layla


Resisei Layla from Rav Tzadok HaKohen a Chassidic classic in Hebrew.

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Resisei Layla classic Chasidic work of Rabbi Tzadok haKohen.  His views on many crucial subjects are somewhat out of the box, or more accurately ‘out of the book’. He was one of the few who was able to successfully blend mysticism with rationalism and tradition with history.
The masses will probably always follow whatever format of religious philosophy their leaders present to them. However, those who allow their minds to explore the depths of theology would do well to revisit the writings of Rabbi Tzadok haKohen (Rabbi Gavin Michal)
Rabbi Tzodok wrote many books and we are hoping to be able to translate them all until then we will give you a taste for free of these wonderful works for a limited time till the translations are complete.

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