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Segulot and Kabalistic Prayers

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Segulah for Erev Pesach


Segulah for Protection can be read any time but is even stronger Erev Pesach and the 3rd of Av! Hebrew with English transliteration and A small exert of Segulot for times of plagues


Rabbi Shimshon ben Pesach Ostropoli (died July 15, 1648), was a Polish rabbi from Ostropol who was martyred during the Khmelnytsky Uprising.

Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli’s was a noted kabbalist. He was the author of a commentary on the Zohar, Machanay Dan, Dan Yadin, a commentary on an early kabbalistic work called Sefer Karnayim. A collection of all Rabbi Shimshon’s known Torah commentaries called Nitzotzay Shimshon.

His most famous work is the Erev (eve of) Pesach Letter famous for the assurance of blessing to those that study it called ‘Maamar Sod Etzba Elokim’ (The Secret of The Finger of G-d) on the ten plagues in Egypt.

This is the PDF of the blessings from the Kabbalists that saved many from the horrific troubles of the Holocaust.

The E-Book is, in reality,  on the ten Makkos, that was given to the Kabbalist and Torah giant, R’ Shimshon of Ostropoli in a dream. Along with this came the most amazing promise that whoever learns through this piece once a year and especially on Erev Pesach will, “merit great things. He will be saved from misfortune and will not die a strange death. No man will dominate over him; his enemies will fall before him. In every direction in which he turns he will be successful and he will prosper.”

The 3rd of Av, is the Hilula of a holy tzaddik and mekubal Rabi Shimshon From Astropoli -Zt”l, it is customary to:

A. Light a candle on behalf of the merit of the tzaddik
(Give some charity)
B. Recite the letter Rabbi Shimshon wrote that is customarily recited on the eve of Pesach.


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