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Kabbalistic Protection – Segulah Salt


This salt is blessed by kabbalists. There is a special segulah that while a kabbalist is saying the sefirat haomer, to hold salt and say a special prayer. This imbues the salt with special protective properties.

Rabbi Yakov Shepherd, Rosh Yeshiva and Head Kabbalist, performed this special mystical ritual and said the special kabbalistic prayers thereby imbuing this salt with protective properties.

Every day through the 49 days of sefirat haomer this salt was blessed, and this ritual performed.

Special protective salt.

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There is a specific segulah during the days of sefirat haomer. The segulah is to hold salt in your hand while counting the omer and saying special prayers. The segulah will only work if a righteous and holy person does this while having special kabbalistic Kavvanot.

Rabbi Yakov Shepherd, Rosh Yeshiva, and Head Kabbalist, every night of sefira held the salt and performed this segula while having the special kabbalistic intentions. His mystical meditations at the holy time of saying of the omer imbued this salt with the special properties of:

  • Protection
  • Sweetening the Judgements
  • Bringing down the abundance
  • The attribute of Loving-kindness (Chessed)
  • Protection from the evil eye

This salt has the same power of protection as a mystical amulet written by a great and renown Kabbalist. (Mar”a Chamoi)

The days of sefirat haomer are a continuation of Pesach. Pesach is the sefira of Chessed, so sefirat haomer is also chessed and thereby the salt is imbued with the property of chessed. The kavvanot of sefirat haomer are about sweetening the judgments so the salt is imbued with this property as well. The kavvanot of sefirat haomer are also about bringing down abundance so the salt is imbued with the mystical ability of bringing down abundance.

The first place this segulah is brought down in the Machzor Beit Habechir by the Kabbalist Mar”a Chamoi. It is also spoken about by Rav Shlomo Amar, and is done by the Kabbalistic Yeshiva Bet El in the old city of Yerushalayim.

Salt, in general, has the mystical properties of protection (Ben Ish Chai)

Product details:

  • Comes with one vial
  • Meant to be worn as pendant or carried
  • Grants the wearer spiritual protection

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