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Kabbalistic secrets of Shavuot ebook


Kabbalistic secrets of Shavuot in English with Hebrew meditations, over 40 pages with charts, and detailed explanations to prepare one for this awesome night.  the tikun itself is not included.


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It is always so beautiful to see Klal Yisrael coming up for Aliya Laregel. This is especially true on Shavuos. The chag of Shavuos is in the realm of Keter of Keter and is the source of the Ketarim for the entire year. It is also the yahrtzeit of Dovid Hamelech. We have been learning in this for many years, therefore for us, the joy is doubled. We praise Hashem that we have merited to be involved in matters of holiness to learn and teach Torah. There is no merit greater than this. Especially when it is the sodot of the Torah we are talking about, the inner secrets of the Torah, the Neshoma of the Torah. The geulah depends on this part of the Torah.

Covering many topics on the Holiday of Shavuot, this ebook will give you inspiration and depth.

Also with the Kabbalistic meditations of Shavuot.


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