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The Kabbalistic Meditations

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Kabbalistic meditation course. The foundation of true Jewish meditation.

Learn to meditate in the traditional Jewish Kabbalistic way.

This course contains the most important ingredient that has the potential to solve any problem that any person on earth is confronting.

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Through the foundations of true Jewish meditation, you will gain the tools not only to meditate by using traditional Jewish Kabbalistic meditations but more than that you will be able to change your reality and view on life.

The Kabbalistic Meditations is a unique meditation course. Designed for all levels, both beginner and advanced students of all levels can and will gain from this course.

In it, will be introduced how integral meditation is to Kabbalah, a number of Kabbalistic meditations and practices.

This course contains the most important ingredient that has the potential to solve any problem that any person on earth is confronting.

All the meditations within it are from authentic Kabbalah. Including the Zohar, Arizal, and the Rashash.

By practicing Jewish meditation, one can develop a keen sense of awareness of the construct and purpose of our lives, and all of reality. In other words, practicing Jewish meditation and guarding the Noahide Laws, one can achieve the loftiest spiritual heights and ultimately connect with Ein Sof. As Eliyahu HaNavi said,    – “I call on heaven and earth to witness that any individual, man or woman, Jew or Gentile, freeman or slave, can have Ruach HaKodesh (Divine-Inspiration)  descend upon him.”

Why do Jewish Meditation?

  • Bring light into your life, expand the amount of life and the feelings of light.
  • be brought to a whole different level of life.

Learn how to know and feel Hashem’s presence in your life all day and all night.

Everybody has something to gain from these teachings. The more you take these meditations, practice them, and integrate them into your life the more you will gain. If you do this it will be a source of strength, happiness, joy and all the good things that you want to have in yourself.

The more seriously you take it and set specific times in your day and your week to meditate,  the more you will get out of it.

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Modules of the Course

  • The Kabbalistic Meditations – #1 – The Basics of Spiritual Ascension and Approaching God
    Here you will learn how to begin a practice of true Jewish meditation by the Kabbalah, which will help you with anything you want, because after you are close to heaven, you can do much more!

  • The Kabbalistic Meditations – #2 – How to Gain Wealth and Everything Else You Need.
    Here you will learn how to create the inner space of your soul, and use it to gain wealth and everything else you need, by making an agreement with Hashem.

  • The Kabbalistic Meditations – #3 – Eliminating Your Fears and Step Forward In Your Life.
    Here you will learn how to use the light of Hashem to Eliminating Fears, and step forward in your life.

  • The Kabbalistic Meditations – #4 – Learn to Use the Light of Hashem for Healing.
    Here you will learn how to use the light of Hashem for Healing of yourself and your environment,  by true Kabbalistic Meditation.

  • The Kabbalistic Meditations – #5 – A Multi-Dimensional Journey

    Here you will learn the parts of our interior and the way the light shines through them to experience multi-dimensional journey.

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2 reviews for The Kabbalistic Meditations

  1. Adi

    Learned a lot about my self and what i need to do

  2. MIRIAM MENAKER (verified owner)

    I liked the meditation very much. I received love and tranquility. Unfortunately, the background noise was very disturbing.

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