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Tikkun for Healing Joy and Happiness, on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar


Prayer of The Rebbe of Apta Rabbi Meir Halevi z”tl.

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Tikkun for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu


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Kabbalistic Tefilla in the merit of Moshe Rabenu for the Redemption Tikkun for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu, 7th of Adar. This Tikkun is special for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu but may be said at any time, a segula for salvations

Tefilá cabalística en el mérito de Moshe Rabbeinu por el Tikkun de redención para el Yahrtzeit de Moshe Rabenu, 7 de Adar Este Tikkun es especial para el Yartzite de Moshe Rabenu pero se puede decir en cualquier momento, una segula para salvaciones.

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This year,  5781 Moshe Rabenu’s Hilula falls on Thursday night. 7th Adar.  We invite you to join us to pray together all of the King David Kabbalah online community to do a  Tikkun in Moshe Rabbenu’s name Live together, and the Rabbis will also pray from you during the Tikkun.

This Tikkun can be done at any time of the year for any purpose, but on the 7th of Adar, it has a special quality.

1 review for Tikkun for the Yartzite of Moshe Rabenu

  1. Yehudah Benitez

    wonderful after using this it gave me real spiritual satisfaction.

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