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Tikkun on Zos Chanukah


Special Tikkun for Zos Chanukah [the 8th night of Chanukah]


The Tikkun is for you to have Bani Chayi U’Mezoni [children, life, and sustinance]

Whoever donates will be a part of the Tikkun.

Every person who does it can add your name and names of family and we will read out the names of you and your family in the special ceremony in King Davids Tomb.


There is a Kabbalistic tradition to do a Tikkun on Zos Chanukah. To explain this let us begin with a question…

Everyone wonders how the abundance comes down. What is the channel it comes through?

It is brought down in the writings of the Arizal that one of the most important ways that abundance comes through is called Dikna Kadisha [because we don’t want to get too technical here, let us just define it as a very high source if abundance]. Whoever is privileged to connect to the source of abundance is assured to receive great blessings.

Let us explain this idea a bit. Everyone knows that Hashem judges us and that there is a Bet Din in heaven. Every thought, speech, and action goes to the heavenly court and is judged. After that, the judgment is carried out in this world. This is the “system’ that Hashem put in place.

On top of this, there is another system of Hashem’s mercy.  This system can override the judgment and bring down mercy and kindness. Even in the worst situations, when the heavenly court decreed the harshest judgments, the verdict can be rescinded using this higher system. Even when it looks like there is no hope, kindness and mercy can prevail. In Kabbalistic literature, this is called the Dikna Kadisha.

On Chanukah, we are connecting to and bringing down light from the Dikna Kadisha and the system of Hashem’s Mercy.

This is happening all Chanukah, but the most powerful and auspicious time to connect to the system of Hashem’s mercy is Zos Chanukah [the 8th night of Chanukah].

Zos Chanukah is a time for miracles. All prayers on Zos Chanukah are more potent, and many many miracles have been witnessed.

There is a special Tikkun for Zos Chanukah. It consists of deep Kabbalistic meditations that are meditated upon during the night after midnight. The Zohar says that if a person learns Torah and prays after midnight all his prayers are answered. All the more so on Zos Chanukah

This Tikkun is called “Notzer VeNakeh” which signifies its connection to the most important parts of the Dikna Kadisha and the system of Hashem’s Divine mercy.

This Tikkun is for Bani Chayi U’Mezoni [children, life, and sustinence] which all flow from Hashem’s mercy.

A few examples of how the Tikkun of Zos Chanukah actually saved peoples lives:

There was a man who had brain cancer. The cancer was positioned in such a way that made surgery very very difficult if not impossible. If the surgeon would make one wrong move, if he were off by a hairsbreadth, the man would die. The doctors were afraid to perform the surgery, and no one would do it. This man went to R Yankev Antwerp to pray for him on the holy time of Zos Chanukah. And R’ Yankev Antwerp did. After Chanukah, the man went back to the doctors for another test. The doctors in amazement asked “Who did you find to do the surgery? Whoever did it did an incredible job!” There was no surgery, there was Hashem’s mercy!

This story also happened on Zos Chanukah, 10 years ago. A baby boy was born with no digestive system. As you can imagine the poor baby boy was hooked up to many many machines. The doctors gave this child a 0% chance to survive. The parents were heartbroken. Come Zos Chanukah and the parents tore up the heavens with prayer. The doctors did another CAT scan and they saw something, some skin. The child had a digestive system! From this, the kid lived.

This is the power of Zos Chanukah.

The Kabbalistic tradition of doing Tikkun of Zos Chanukah is longstanding. The Tikkun magnifies the power, holiness, and light of this special night.


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