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Why Don’t the Jewish People Recognize the New Testament?


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Truth of Iseah 53


According to Christianity¨ the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 and the last verses of chapter 52¨ from verse 13¨ are talking about Jesus.  The New Testament says that this part of the bible it a messianic prophecy of sorts. It fits nicely with the Christian story about a suffering messiah.  How is it that the subject in Isaiah 53¨ the suffering servant¨ is the messiah Taking a closer look at the text to see the revealed Truth

by  Eliyahu Silver

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it  is  much  more  convenient  than we  can  do  whatever  we  want  and  we are already forgiven in advance by the suffering of  God.  But in reality, there will be judgment and the truth will remain strong So  here  we  see  how  it  works:  When  we sin  we  get  punished¨  and  not  God¨  not  the neighbor¨  but we ourselves.  This  same concept  of  everybody  suffering  for  his  own sin we also see in  Isaiah  53.

see also the truth of the New Testament


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