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Why Don’t the Jewish People Recognize the New Testament?


Why don’t the Jewish people recognize the New Testament? I couldn’t understand it. It was so obvious! Then I realized that I never investigated the matter. But does anybody investigate the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow? It is so obvious! It just couldn’t be that all the Christian nations were wrong and a handful of Jews were right!? After much investigation here is the answer by Reb Eliyahu Silver

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I myself grew up in a Christian family in a non-English speaking country in   Western   Europe ¨all the   English you   see here   is school-book   English¨ please keep that in mind when you encounter mistakes and I was raised in the Christian religion.   I   was   taught   by   a   Christian   preacher¨ and   the   very   first   thing   he   started   out teaching me was:  God is not one.   And   he   came   with   verses   like “Let   us make men”¨   and he taught me the trinity.  Me¨   not knowing   any better¨   having never heard of   Deuteronomy   6:4ª   “Hear   Israel¨   Y   -H   -W   -H   is our   God¨   Y   -H   -W   -H   is one”   Just accepted that.   I am still very angry about that one.

see also Isaiah 53


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