• Pesach Special Package

    Pesach Special Package

    Get inspired and ready for one of the most important festivals in Jewish tradition. Pesach is the chag when we remember how Hashem redeemed us from Egypt and made us His Nation. Pesach has an emphasis on remembering but it also applies to our daily life. KingDavidKabbalah’s team prepared a package that includes:

    – Pesach’s Kabbalistic Secrets E-book

    – Compilation of Kabbalistic Pesach Videos  for you to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and incredible kabbalistic secrets.

    – The Kabbalistic Scope of Pesach: Special Podcast Edition

    Get knowledgable and inspired by this Pesach Package and experience Pesach at a whole different level.



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  • Shekalim and Adar (Versión Español)

    Existe la obligación de la Torá de que
    todo judío participe en la mitzvá de
    contribuir con medio siclo (Shemos
    30:15). Tenemos la tradición de esta
    donación en el mes de Adar, para
    que los fondos estuvieran listos para
    usar en el mes de Nisan (que es el
    mes que sigue)

    ¡Rabí Shimshon Chaim hizo una promesa y la cumple!
    Sentimos que es una gran oportunidad para aprender del Sefer Zera Shimshon,
    durante estos dos meses para realzar nuestro Purim este año IY”H

  • Shekalim Segulah

    A special e-book extracted from the teachings of the kabbalistic book Zera Shimshon on the meaning of the shekalim and their relationship to Am Yisrael.

    We ask you to do your contribution to our project.

    Anyone who takes upon themselves to learn from his writing are promised blessings of, children, health (life), parnassa (sustenance), and satisfaction in the next world.

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  • Shiva Kor Tay Brit

    Bring Together ten Jews if posible Talmidei Chachamim (Torah Scholoars). They should all accept on themselves a fast and to go to the Mikve. Together they will read and pray all sefer Tehillim.

    There is a certain extra prayer that is called Shiva Kor tay Brit, which is similar to that of the ushpizin  of Sukkot.

    The 10 men will go around the bima 7 times and say special prayers with special kabbalistic meditations.

    This Tikkun is done in many places and is an age-old custom.

    That in itself is a big thing and can bring salvations.

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  • Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar Segula

    3 x 1

    Big Segula Opportunity


    The  fast should be done on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar and read sefer Tehilim.

    In kingdavidkabbalah.com we know it is sometimes hard to fast and finish Tehilim on the same day. With your donation a kabbalist from Rabbi Shepherd’s yeshiva will do the fasting and tikunim for you. Your donation will be used for the, coming soon, project of kiruv in Jerusalem.


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  • Yurtzait of the Rashash

    Rabbi Shalom Shalom Sharabi (The Rashash)

    The Rashash was born in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital. He emigrated to the Holy Land but decided to keep his greatness hidden from the public. Rabbi Sharabi went to the Bet-El yeshiva in Jerusalem where he asked Rabbi Gedalia Chayon, dean of the yeshiva, for a job as a shammash. Rabbi Gedalia gave him the work, which consisted of keep things in order and wake up the students for diverse prayers. Since it was a simple job, no one had a clue on who this great scholar was.

    One day, a question arose in the hall of study with no answer. Rabbi Gedalia was very disappointed by not being able to find the answer. After all the students left, The Rashash, went and wrote the answer on one of Rabbi Gedalia’s books. The next day Rabbi Gedalia couldn’t believe it and he attributed it to divine providence but these acts continued to repeat themselves. One day, the Rosh Yeshiva’s daughter saw The Rashash leaving the note in the book and went straight to her dad’s. The Rashash had to admit his authorship and started to be revealed as the great Torah scholar he was.

    After Rabbi Gedalia’s passing, the Rashash took the leadership of Bet El yeshiva at the age of 27. Among his students were the Maharit Algazi and The Chida, who later became Rosh Yeshivas themselves. Within the Rashash most remarkable texts are the commentary on the Etz Chaim and the Siddur HaRashash. The Rashash passed away the 10 of Shevat 5537 at the age of 57 in Jerusalem.


    What great scholars said about The Rashash:


    • “Whoever learns Etz Chaim without the Rashash commentary is like a blind man” -Rabbi Abulafia
    • “The soul of the Rashash is that of the holy Ari” – Rabbi Chaim Pelaji
    • “One can know by hear all of the writings of the Arizal but if you did not learn the works of the Rashash you have not yet entered into the study of Kabbalah” – Rabbi Kaduri


    Rabbi Shepherd will go to the tomb on the yurtzait and will daven for you. Your donation will be much appreciated and will be used as tzedaka and as a mean to continue spreading the Torah. 

  • Parashat HaMan (Versión en Español)

    El lunes por la noche y todo el día del martes es un día muy especial en lo que respecta a la parnassah (sustento económico). Se pueden adquirir abundantes bendiciones en este gran día. El tercer día (Lunes en la noche y Martes todo el día) durante la semana de la Parashat Beshalaj, se lee acerca de la canción de alabanza que entonó el pueblo de Israel en la partida del mar a la salida de Egipto y también leemos acerca del Mana que Hashem enviaba en el desierto.

    Algunos tienen el minhag (tradición) de donar 90 a obras de caridad ya que la gematria (valor numérico) de Mann es 90. Considera dar tu donación a la organización de King David Kabbalah; la cual será utilizada como tzedaka y para seguir difundiendo la Torah. Rav Shepherd se complace en interceder personalmente por hasta 5 nombres por donación.

  • Parashat HaMan (English Edition)

    Rabbi Menachem Mendel de Reminov zt’l revealed the power of reading Shnayim Mikra v’echad Targum on Parashat HaMann. It is a powerful segulah for parnassah and yeshuot. The segulah of Parashat HaMan is read once a year on the third day (Tuesday) of Parashat Beshalach.

    Some people have the minhag (tradition) of donating 90 to charity organizations since the gematria of the word Mann is 90. Consider donate to King David Kabbalah, this donation will be used as tzdaka and for the continuation of the projects to spread Torah all over the world. Rabbi Shepherd will happily pray for up to 5 names per donation.

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